Chris Brown’s A Minute Man, Gives Judge Big Rejection In Washington

Chris Brown’s A Minute Man, Gives Judge Big Rejection In Washington

R&B singer Chris Brown is prepared to prove his innocence in a Washington, DC-related assault case after turning down a plea deal agreement Wednesday (January 8).

According to reports, Breezy is determined to let the justice system find him not guilty.

Chris Brown rejected a plea deal in Washington on Wednesday because he didn’t break a man’s nose near the White House last October, his lawyer told the Daily News. “It was rejected because he’s not guilty,” lawyer Mark Geragos said in an exclusive interview. “I’ve seen everything I need to see in this case, so absent prosecutors turning over video footage of [Brown] doing it, there’s little or no chance of any plea deal,” the prominent lawyer said. Geragos said investigators searched for surveillance video of the alleged sidewalk smackdown shortly after Brown’s arrest but came up empty-handed. (New York Daily News)

Brown managed to only spend minutes in the court room during Wednesday’s appearance.

Brown did not speak during the hearing, which lasted less than 10 minutes. He wore a charcoal three-piece suit and had dark hair, not the bleached blond hair he had sported when he was arrested in October along with his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, who also faces an assault charge. (USA Today)

If all goes accordingly, Chris will once again appear in court next month.

Prosecutors said they were gathering additional security video from the night of the alleged incident which they say could be evidence in their case. Another hearing is scheduled for Feb 20. (Washington Post)

In light of Brown’s current rehab treatment, his attorneys are looking to have his appearance date changed.

Celebrity attorney Mark Geragos, who is representing Brown in the California case, took part in the hearing in Washington. Geragos said that Brown’s lawyers plan to ask that he not have to appear at the Feb. 20 hearing in Washington because he loses three days of treatment by making the trip. (USA Today)

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