Chris Brown & Rihanna Busted At Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Show

Chris Brown & Rihanna Busted At Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Show

Former romantic couple Chris Brown and Rihanna may finally be back together as a new photo shows them cuddled up at Jay-Z‘s Barclays Center Brooklyn concert this week.

In the photo, Chris Breezy is seen snuggled up next to RiRi in the VIP section.

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t even trying to hide it anymore — ’cause it looks like they were getting cozy at the Jay-Z concert tonight … and, based on Twitter, everyone in Brooklyn saw it. A pic taken from behind RiRi and Chris at Barclays Center is burning up the Internet — they’re seated in VIP … he’s on the left, she’s on the right. No physical contact — in the photo, anyway — but Chris’ right arm is stretched around the back of Rihanna’s chair. (TMZ)

Brown’s current girlfriend reportedly hinted at their relationship ending Wednesday (October 3) night.

Sucks to be Karrueche tonight…. You’re stuck in a New York hotel room, while the whole world tweets and retweets about your boyfriend Chris Brown reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna for a not-so-private date night at the Jay-Z concert…just 20minutes away. But then again, even with all the kissy-face instagrams, and private jets, and shopping trips….this very pretty girl’s fairy-tale romance has probably sucked for a long time. Whether she’s realized it, or not. While Chris and Rihanna were on the way to the Barclay Center (around 8pm), Karrueche tweeted,”Bye Baby.” (Miss Info TV)

Earlier in the week, Breezy and RiRi heated up the Internet after getting busted together.

Chris Brown was spotted sneaking out of the same NYC hotel where Rihanna was staying early Tuesday evening — just a day after they were seen “hugging and kissing” at a nightclub, Celebuzz reports. At celeb hotspot Griffin on Monday, Rihanna and Brown were sitting at separate tables when Brown “climbed over the center to get to her,” an eyewitness told the gossip site. He then removed his shirt and started “dancing on the table for Rihanna,” and the ex-couple began “dancing together and being very smitten,” according to the report. (Fox News)

A few weeks ago, the former couple shared a brief moment together at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown confirming a rekindled romance? The two pop stars shared a kiss on Sept. 6 during the MTV Video Music Awards — in front of the entire crowd. There’s certainly no shame in that lip lock! We certainly know that Rihanna wanted Chris at the awards show. A friend of Chris told EXCLUSIVELY, “He knows Rihanna will be there. She texted him on [Sept. 4] and told him ‘do what you want to and get ya a** there — I want to see you.’ He was hyped and was like, ‘man f**k that, I’m going.'” (Hollywood Life)

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