Chris Brown Returns To Twitter, “I’m About To Get Verified Soon”

Chris Brown Returns To Twitter, “I’m About To Get Verified Soon”

R&B singer Chris Brown has had a change of heart and has re-joined the popular public social network Twitter.

Writing in his first new Tweets as @ChrisBrown, the singer updated fans on his status and requested followers.

“Everybody hands go up…And they stay there,” he wrote Thursday (March 12) night. “Just left a school in Harlem reading to 3rd graders a book called superhero school Im bout to get verified listening to tpain’s “reverse cowgirl”…. its a smash FF: follow me follow me!!! “too freaky”… mixtape on fire right now.” (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

Last December, Brown reportedly made a brief Twitter comeback as @MechanicalDummy.

“Please Follow me back, Im back on twitter for good now….I was going thru some things but ya boy is back 2010 Lets Go!,” he wrote on New Year’s Eve. “It might telling you that ur following me & when you click my page ur not because I reactivated my page…so Re Click the FOLLOW button Yes this is really me, I decided to come back & connect with the fans for 2010 its only right because I LOVE yall….So Please ReFollow me My account will be verified again soon!” (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

He deleted the page in mid-December.

Chris Brown is the latest artist to abandon the service completely, following the precedent set by Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne. Brown’s exit came after a week’s worth of Twitter-based ranting about stores not stocking his new album Graffiti. Only a few hours after that revelation, Brown issued his finally tweet: “I wanna thank my fans for all the support,” he wrote. “Goodbye!” The old address for his Twitter page now leads to the dreaded “Sorry, that page does not exist!” screen. (MTV)

Rapper and close friend Soulja Boy Tell Em shared his reaction to Brown’s unexpected move last year.

“I was thinking about that last night man,” Soulja Boy told radio personality Tim Westwood. “I just think, I don’t know man, you see Miley Cyrus deleted hers and then when he did it I was just thinking like ‘Who’s gonna be next to delete their Twitter?’ I don’t never say never because you never know, one day I might just wake-up and be like I don’t wanna be on Twitter no more but right now, nah, I don’t think I’d ever delete my Twitter. I work hard for them followers, the 1.9 milli’s baby. They gonna be disappointed in me man.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out a recent Chris Brown interview down below:

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