Chris Brown Pulls A Rihanna, Makes His Neighbors Jump For Joy

Chris Brown Pulls A Rihanna, Makes His Neighbors Jump For Joy

After months of going at each other’s necks and even removing controversial graffiti artwork, R&B singer Chris Brown‘s making neighbors happy by reportedly tossing a price tag on his now-infamous Hollywood home for a new spot down the road.

According to reports, Chris Breezy’s home is up for grabs while he plans on relocating.

Real estate sources tell us …. Chris wrote an offer on a house in Malibu in an exclusive, gated community where a bunch of other high profile celebrities live. Our sources say … the last straw for Chris was when he got cited by the City of L.A. for tagging his crib. So here’s the irony. If Chris thinks he’s having problems with the neighbors in the Hollywood Hills, wait till he sees what happens in Malibu, where houses are worth between $3 million and $30 million. The city of Malibu comes down hard on anyone who violates the building codes — which cover graffiti. And the Malibu neighbors don’t like people racing their cars up and down the streets in the middle of the night. And they don’t like all-night ragers either. As for Chris’ Hollywood Hills neighbors … when they heard the news they decided to throw their own celebratory rager. (TMZ)

Back in July, Chris Breezy finally bowed down to his neighbors’ request and cleaned up his dicey graffiti.

Chris Brown is kissing his precious graffiti monsters goodbye, and while it looks like he lost the war to keep the”art” on his Hollywood Hills home — Chris is saying it’s coming down by his choice … TMZ has learned. As we previously reported … Chris has been fighting the city of L.A. since May over the graffiti he plastered on an exterior wall of the house — even claiming it’s protected by the 1st Amendment. After neighbors complained the images were a blight on the block … the city threatened to slap Chris with a heavy fine — but today workers slapped a fresh layer of paint on the concrete wall. (TMZ)

Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna also reportedly packed her bags and ditched her Los Angeles residence last month.

Rihanna is moving to New York full-time when she finishes her world tour later this year. Sources exclusively tell us she discreetly viewed Manhattan apartments when she was in town last month for her tour dates and Fashion Week. One spy said, “She looked at a few places and her manager Jay Brown has taken over the search. The plan is that when her tour is over in November, she’ll move here.” This week it was revealed that Rihanna has moved out of her Pacific Palisades mansion plagued by trespassers, stalkers and attempted burglaries. (Page Six)

Outside of residences, Chris Breezy has reportedly made some changes to his most recent rehab treatment.

For Chris Brown, a little more than two weeks in inpatient rehab was just about right, it appears. The R&B singer, who entered a rehab facility in Malibu at the end of October, allegedly for anger-management issues, is now out and completing his course of treatment on an outpatient basis, his rep told Pop & Hiss on Thursday. Brown is also completing his court-ordered community service (which grew by 1,000 hours back in August after prosecutors alleged that he did not properly report previous hours served) in Los Angeles instead of his home state of Virginia, the rep said. Brown has until Aug. 25 to knock off the 125 days of work. (Los Angeles Times)

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