Chris Brown Mirrors Nicki Minaj, Grinds Lap Dance On Female Fan [Video]

Chris Brown Mirrors Nicki Minaj, Grinds Lap Dance On Female Fan [Video]

R&B singer Chris Brown took a page out of rapper Nicki Minaj‘s book over the weekend by treating one lucky lady to a special lap dance during a Miami performance.

Based on footage from the annual 99 Jamz SpringFest event, Brown showed he is all for the ladies.

Chris Brown is going to make a lot of girls jealous. During his performance of “Take You Down” at 99 Jamz’ SpringFest in Miami, he called a lucky lady on stage and put on an intimate show she won’t soon forget. After removing his shirt, an excited Breezy gave her a lap dance, thrusting his sweaty body in her face before sealing it with a kiss. Now that’s some fan appreciation. (Rap-Up)

Last month, rap star Lil Wayne talked about his experience after receiving the same on-stage treatment from Nicki Minaj.

“I think his was a little better than mine because he looked a little more excited than I did,” Lil Wayne told Nardwuar referring to NBA star Steve Nash‘s lap dance from Nicki Minaj. “So I need to talk to Nicki about that…I’ve been talking to Webster [The Dictionary publishing corporation] about creating more words because there isn’t any words that we have out to explain [her lap dance]. Her dancers does this routine every night where they bring this chair out so I figured I’d just be already sitting in the chair when they bring it out. So yeah, it worked.” (“Nardwuar”)

Following her initial dance, Minaj revealed how nerve-racking the experience was.

“Well, I have to say, I been giving lap dances [during the tour], but I didn’t know Wayne was gonna jump out and pop out the back,” Nicki told MTV News. “I literally was up there trying to get a boy, then I turn around and I see this cute little dread in the chair with his legs dangling off. And I was like, ‘What?’ I was super nervous.” (MTV)

Outside of grinding, Brown’s latest solo album is currently on the sales chart.

R&B star Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. fell three slots to No. 23 with 15,700. With nine weeks under his belt, Chris Breezy’s latest offering stands at 568,300 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out footage from the concert down below:

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