Chris Brown Makes Bouncers Reject Drake: “They Asked Him To Party Somewhere Else”

Chris Brown Makes Bouncers Reject Drake: “They Asked Him To Party Somewhere Else”

R&B singer Chris Brown reportedly had the last laugh a few nights ago after a Hollywood nightclub denied his music rival Drake from gaining admission.

According to reports, the club wanted to avoid making headlines for what could have turned into a nasty brawl between the music foes.

Chris Brown and Drake … one Hollywood nightclub ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em — because TMZ has learned, Drake was turned away at the door this week because Brown was already inside. The club is Playhouse in Hollywood — and sources tell TMZ, bouncers sent Drake on his way Wednesday night because CB was already partying at a table inside … and they wanted to avoid any possible brawl scenarios. According to sources, Brown was inside the club celebrating an anniversary party for some clothing brand called Popular Demand. (TMZ)

Rather than cause a commotion, Drizzy reportedly left the club entrance peacefully.

The bouncers were aware Chris was inside when Drake showed up around midnight … and they knew Rihanna would be joining him later on … so they asked Drake to party somewhere else that night. The promoters — and the nightclub — obviously wanted to avoid what happened at W.i.P. nightclub last summer … when Chris and Drake’s entourage nearly destroyed the place with flying bottles. We’re told Drake handled the rejection like a gentleman and left without incident. (TMZ)

This news comes just days after both musicians made headlines for suing one another for last summer’s publicized New York City altercation.

The two are suing each other, claiming that the other party started their fight last June 14, which left multiple people, including female patrons, NBA star Tony Parker, and even Brown himself, injured from the broken glass that rained down on the VIP section of W.i.P. in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. Their reasoning? Both Brown and Drake, as well as the club, are being sued by a French-born model named Romain Julien, who claims he was left with limited mobility in his right hand following surgery he required for a severed tendon he sustained in the fight. If a judge rules in favor of Julien, both Brown and Drake want to be sure the other man will be the one responsible for paying up. (Yahoo News)

Last fall, Chris Breezy swayed away from addressing what allegedly went down between himself and Drizzy.

“The only reason I can’t talk about it is because we’re dealing with legal stuff. You know I’m trying to get paid and not trying to give out no information,” Brown said in an interview referring to the Drake incident. “We don’t talk about other guys. We just focus on the music. [Was it more of us hitting one another?] Nah. It’s none of that. I’m more reserved and I box, so it would have been none of that. You know exactly what that means. [laughs]” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

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