Chris Brown Knocks Out Drake & Frank Ocean Feuds: “I Ain’t Got N*ggas After Him” [Video]

Chris Brown Knocks Out Drake & Frank Ocean Feuds: “I Ain’t Got N*ggas After Him” [Video]

R&B singer Chris Brown has clarified his stance toward fellow music stars Drake and Frank Ocean after being caught up in notable feuds with them over the past 12 months.

While he did not show any signs of wanting to work with Drizzy in the near future, Brown made sure to let fans know there is no real beef between them.

“People can coexist. It’s not entertainment for me. It’s just more of me being real, saying what I gotta say. I ain’t out here trying to go at him, I ain’t got n*ggas after him. I ain’t got ‘people’ after him. We just chilling. I have my differences and he has his — his music’s still hot. … I’m not gonna put myself in a situation to mess up my career. Focus on what it is. Focus on your music.” (Power 106)

Brown also spent a minute diffusing speculated issues between him and Ocean.

“With the Frank Ocean situation, I’ll put it like this, it’s in the past. Some stuff went down, but it’s whatever. It’s always sensationalized and always blown out of proportion. I got respect for his music. I got respect for everybody else, so I ain’t really trying to really go back down that route. Everything for me is moving forward. I do my music now so I’m good.” (Power 106)

A few weeks ago, Breezy and Drake took their problems to the courtroom.

The two are suing each other, claiming that the other party started their fight last June 14, which left multiple people, including female patrons, NBA star Tony Parker, and even Brown himself, injured from the broken glass that rained down on the VIP section of W.i.P. in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. Their reasoning? Both Brown and Drake, as well as the club, are being sued by a French-born model named Romain Julien, who claims he was left with limited mobility in his right hand following surgery he required for a severed tendon he sustained in the fight. If a judge rules in favor of Julien, both Brown and Drake want to be sure the other man will be the one responsible for paying up. (Yahoo News)

In February, details of Brown and Ocean’s physical altercation popped up online.

Frank Ocean told police he was called a “f**got” during his brawl with Chris Brown … moments before Brown threatened to shoot him — this according to the official incident report obtained by TMZ. According to the report, Ocean told police, Brown had punched him in the face after Ocean told Brown he had taken Ocean’s parking space at the recording studio where the fight took place last week. Ocean told police Brown tried to shake his hand, but Ocean refused, telling Brown he was in his parking spot. Ocean claimed that’s when Brown punched him in the face. According to the report, Ocean said two of Brown’s goons then jumped in to help Brown … pushed him into a corner and attempted to kick him. (TMZ)

Check out both interviews:

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