Chris Brown Granted A Second Chance

Just a week after Rihanna approved ex-boyfriend/singer Chris Brown‘s request to have his restraining order modified, a Los Angeles judge has now agreed to lessen the distance.

According to reports, Brown may now get into contact with the Grammy-winning star.

Two years after Chris Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna, an L.A. judge decided to give the R&B superstar a second chance. During a court hearing in L.A. Tuesday, a judge replaced Rihanna’s previous restraining order with a level one order, meaning that the exes can have contact provided Brown, 21, does not harass, annoy or molest the “S&M” singer. Rihanna, 23, did not appear in court, though her attorney Donald Etra did. He informed the judge that Rihanna has no objections to the new order. (Us Magazine)

Around mid-February, Rihanna approved Brown’s initial restraining order modification request.

Rihanna apparently has a lot of forgiveness in her heart. Almost exactly two years after the horrific Grammy night assault on her by Chris Brown, the singer has agreed to allow the restraining order keeping him away from her to be softened, her lawyer, Donald Etra, tells E! News. While Rihanna has requested that the order be dropped to a level one–meaning that they can have contact as long as Brown doesn’t annoy, molest or harass her–and Brown attorney Mark Geragos has been informed of her approval, Geragos still needs to go to court to have the order officially modified by a judge. (E! Online)

RiRi also confirmed the reports on her Twitter page.

“@SandraRose I would’ve sworn he beat YOUR a**, just by how upset u are! My fans don’t care abt a restraining order and neither do I! My bad!,” Rihanna tweeted Thursday (February 10). (Rihanna’s Twitter)

In late January, Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court to make the restraining order request.

The singer, along with his legal ace attorney Mark Geragos arrived to the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles and appeared calm and collected before the judge. Geragos told Judge Patricia Schnegg that his client has completed his 52 week domestic violence counseling and requested she remove the existing restraining order against Brown. “It makes it difficult at awardshows and such,” Geragos said. Judge Schnegg did not immediately grant his request but did suggest a modification with the approval of Rihanna’s attorney, David Etra. (Radar Online)

Check out some recent Chris Brown footage down below:

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