Chris Brown Goes Off After Hit & Run Charges: “She Contacted Cops Thinking Of A Payday”

Chris Brown Goes Off After Hit & Run Charges: “She Contacted Cops Thinking Of A Payday”

R&B singer Chris Brown‘s publicized woes are only intensifying as reports claim he has been hit with charges related to a car accident last month in California.

Details of the high-profile star’s issues have started to circulate online.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has charged singer Chris Brown with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license. City attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan says the charges filed Tuesday involve a minor accident on May 21 in the San Fernando Valley. If convicted, Brown would face up to one year in jail. (WKYC News)

An arraignment for this case is slated to go down around mid-July.

While the misdemeanor charges — which carry a maximum of a year in jail — would not ordinarily threaten a defendant’s freedom, Brown’s felony probation could be revoked if a judge decides the new arrest is a violation. A spokesman for the Los Angeles County district attorney said prosecutors will review the charge once they are officially notified by the city attorney. An arraignment for the new charges has been set for the morning of July 15 at the Van Nuys courthouse. Brown is also scheduled to be in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom that afternoon for another hearing to set a date for his trial in his probation violation case. (CNN)

Breezy has already hopped onto his Twitter page to clear up the reports.

“It’s not a hit and run if u get out the car, exchange information (who has NO DAMAGE to either cars).This is really ridiculous,” he tweeted June 25.

“I have a valid drivers license and I gave the woman the right info. She saw cameras and wanted to make a scene.”

“She contacted the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when I followed the proper procedures.”

“My lawyers will be contacting you. I will not stand for this bullying and yellow journalism!”

“My profile pic is the pic I took of the persons car after “the hit and run”. NO damage. Just a dirty car.once again, I gotta clear my name”

“I work my ass off to provide for my entire family. I’ve made mistakes in the past and have worked hard to be a better person.”

“19-24 years of age. I don’t have all the answers and you can’t show me a person that age who has it figured out.We live and grow.Let me live” (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

The charges come days after a woman accused Brown of assaulting her in a California nightclub last weekend.

The owner of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim tells us, “Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false.” The owner says 24-year-old Deanna Gines had repeatedly tried to jump on stage during Chris’ performance at the club — and later tried to rush Chris in his roped-off VIP area. (TMZ)

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