Chris Brown Goes Country W/ New Collaboration, Snags More Awards For 2008

Chris Brown

R&B superstar Chris Brown has revealed his upcoming collaborations with sweetheart Rihanna and how he stepped outside of his R&B and hip-hop zone for new collaborations, including one with country star Tim McGraw.


According to Billboard, Brown is busy working on projects that will hit in 2009.

“I’m going to go away for a little while so people won’t get tired of me. After that I’ll come back and give them some bangers,” he told Billboard. “[I] did a couple of songs with the Backstreet Boys and the Pussycat Dolls. I’ve also been writing songs for several new girl groups who are coming out.”

Brown also confirmed reports that he’s working with Rihanna saying “I’m writing for her new album.” The singer has also experimented with country music on Tim McGraw’s upcoming song called “Human.”

“It’s incredible,” Brown promised. “I wanted to do something more along the country line. That’s a bigger and different audience for me.”

According to Associated Press, the Grammy-nominated singer has won “Top Artist of the Year for 2008.” The annual award is the second time since 2006.

“It’s bigger than what I can ever imagine,” he told AP. “It’s unexpected totally, so it’s a surprise. I’ve had a good year but I still feel like a little insecure in those parts. I’m like, ‘There’s little ol’ me getting an award — that’s incredible.'”

In related news, Brown won the Online Hip-Hop Award for R&B Artist of the Year. [Go here to see the “televised” nominations of the Online Hip-Hop Awards]

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