Chris Brown & Drake Hit W/ Another Bloody Lawsuit, Model Sues Over NYC Brawl

Chris Brown & Drake Hit W/ Another Bloody Lawsuit, Model Sues Over NYC Brawl

R&B singer Chris Brown and Drake have once again been hit with a legal suit by a male model who reportedly got injured during their publicized New York City club brawl earlier this summer.

The model has also added the club owners’ names in his lawsuit.

Romain Julien, who was sitting at a nearby table during the brawl, suffered a severed tendon in his right hand during the June 14 melee, according to a lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court. Julien also alleged that he endured lacerations from broken glass, cosmetic deformity and mental distress as a result of the fight. The complaint accused Brown of having a “hot temper” and inciting the altercation with Drake. The operators of the club Greenhouse and its basement lounge, W.i.P., are also named in the suit. Julien claimed the operators created a public nuisance by failing to provide adequate security in the club and serving liquor to intoxicated patrons. Julien, a model with Re:Quest Model Management, is seeking actual and punitive damages. (Associated Press)

Earlier this month, reports surfaced about a separate $16 million lawsuit directed at Brown and Drake.

Greenhouse, on Vandam Street, shares space, owners and a liquor license with W.i.P. — the bar where the fight occurred June 14. Owners of the Greenhouse trademark claim in court papers that the melee, which left at least seven people injured — including hoops star Tony Parker — cost them a $4 million licensing deal that they’d recently brokered. Publicists for Drake and Brown have tried to distance the men from the fight over their former flame, Rihanna. But the lawsuit, brought by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., which owns the Greenhouse name, alleges they were directly involved. (New York Daily News)

Despite the hefty lawsuit’s implications, Brown’s camp reportedly dismissed its seriousness days later.

Chris Brown is calling B.S. on the people suing him for allegedly instigating the bottle-throwing bloodfest at W.i.P. nightclub in NYC. TMZ spoke with a rep for Brown … who spoke with Mark Geragos (Chris Brown’s lawyer) … who says, “It’s a frivolous lawsuit.” Side note — we’ve spoken with people directly involved with the situation who tell us neither Drake nor Chris laid a hand on each other during the melee. (TMZ)

Brown and Drake’s New York City club brawl went down in mid-June.

Drake is denying rumors that he administered a viciously epic fade to Chris Brown and his cohorts. Reps for the Young Money rapper sent a statement to Hip-Hop Wired stating that the allegations regarding his involvement are false. Here’s a recent unofficial video we just got that is allegedly during the time the altercation was going on! You can hear the crowd reacting to the fight (in the far right) but it’s kinda hard to tell if it’s Drake and Chris Brown’s camp. (The Box Houston)

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