Chris Brown Defends Drake Gay Jab: “I’m Gonna Keep Coming, N*gga. I Don’t Care” [Video]

Chris Brown Defends Drake Gay Jab: “I’m Gonna Keep Coming, N*gga. I Don’t Care” [Video]

R&B singer Chris Brown has stepped forward to confirm going at Drake on Young Jeezy‘s new “R.I.P” remix and defended adding fuel to their already tense situation.

Rather than offer up an apology, CB fully stood behind going at Drizzy with a jab about his sexuality.

“Man, y’all can’t take me serious, I’m not a rapper,” Chris said in an interview. “Nah, f*ck that, it’s all good. It’s rap, man, it’s hip-hop. It’s not going to escalate. It’s like kiddy rap right now. So as far as what I’m doing — I put my frustrations out in my music ’cause I know ain’t nothin’ finna happen. I say whatever I want. Rebuttals are going to be stupid, I’m not a rapper so you’re going to be stupid rapping back to a singer. But I’m gonna keep coming, n*gga. I don’t care. [laughs] It’s all good.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

Speculation quickly developed last week when the “R.I.P” remix premiered online.

If you thought Chris Brown and Drake were getting any closer to deading their feud, think again. Breezy took the opportunity to throw a shot to his musical nemesis when he appeared on the remix of Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” single, which dropped Friday (March 29) on “Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet,” Chris rhymes on the song’s final verse, making a clear reference to Drake and his “Started from the Bottom” single. The two made major headlines last June after a now-infamous bottle-throwing brawl in a New York City nightclub, which reportedly involved both men and members of their respective entourages. While the feud has quietly carried on, there has been a subliminal war of words brewing. (MTV)

Earlier today, Brown spoke on never being able to see eye-to-eye with Drizzy.

“For me, I don’t want to talk about legally what’s going on because I don’t know the legal ramifications of it, so I’m just going to let my lawyers handle it. I don’t get involved. Me and him don’t see eye-to-eye. Me and Drake. I just think personally, it’s just people you ain’t going to get along with. I don’t have to keep hashing on the subject — it’s just we’re never going to see eye-to-eye. You go your way, I’ll go mine. [Is it about Rihanna?] Nah. It’s about everything. … [Does Rihanna have a beef with him?] Uhhh, that’s a good question. I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around her. Nah, I just do my thing. I just lay the pipe. I don’t talk.” (Hot 97)

Days prior, CB killed speculation of having any ill will toward Drake.

“People can coexist. It’s not entertainment for me. It’s just more of me being real, saying what I gotta say. I ain’t out here trying to go at him, I ain’t got n*ggas after him. I ain’t got ‘people’ after him. We just chilling. I have my differences and he has his — his music’s still hot. … I’m not gonna put myself in a situation to mess up my career. Focus on what it is. Focus on your music.” (Power 106)

Check out Chris Brown’s interview:

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