Chris Brown Cops Plea Deal In Rihanna Assault Case

Chris Brown Cops Plea Deal In Rihanna Assault Case

R&B superstar Chris Brown has reportedly accepted a plea deal in his domestic dispute case against Rihanna today (June 22).

The male pop star appeared in a California courtroom Monday for his hearing.

A plea deal has been reached in the assault case against Chris Brown, defense attorney Mark Geragos said in a hearing Monday. Under terms of the agreement, Brown will serve five years of probation. Los Angeles Criminal Court Judge Patricia Schnegg decided against allowing cameras into the courtroom during Rihanna’s testimony, court spokesman Allan Parachini said. (CNN)

Brown was denied his delayed hearing request in the domestic dispute case last week.

The California Supreme Court won’t stand in the way of a preliminary hearing for R&B singer Chris Brown, accused of assaulting and threatening pop star Rihanna. At its weekly conference this morning (June 17), the high court decided not to intervene in the case, which could see Rihanna take the stand against her former beau. Brown’s lawyer had asked the justices to postpone the June 22 hearing to consider whether a Superior Court judge was correct in denying a defense request for access to internal police files. (Los Angeles Times)

The singer broke his silence on the dispute earlier this month via an online video.

“I don’t do all this talking on the thing, it’s just some new stuff I’m doing,” Brown said. “I just wanna say ‘What up’ ’cause I ain’t been out there in a minute, but new album gonna be coming soon, we working on it right now. It’s called Graffiti, it’s got everything on it. Y’all be ready for that. I’m about to drop a single this summer for y’all, so you know, we ain’t going no where. Everybody’s that’s haters, they just been hating. All my real fans, I love y’all. I ain’t a monster.” (Justin TV)

Aside from legal woes, Brown recently recruited singer Keri Hilson to record new music together.

“He contacted me like four or five days ago,” Hilson said in an interview during a promotional appearance at Wet Seal in L.A.’s Beverly Center Mall. “Us working together will probably be the first project I’ve worked on as a songwriter in a while.” (E! Online)

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