Chief Keef & Soulja Boy Trade Blows, E-Beef Gets Extreme: “Call Houlja A**”

Chief Keef & Soulja Boy Trade Blows, E-Beef Gets Extreme: “Call Houlja A**”

Chicago rapper Chief Keef and Soulja Boy Tell Em are taking to their social media networks to get at one another with a slew of disses and public jabs.

Chief Keef appeared to fire the first shot by posting up what seemed to be Soulja Boy’s phone number to his Twitter page.

The beef has risen to a new level with Soulja Boy and Chief Keef, as the Almighty Sos recently went to twitter to vent his frustrations. Tweeting out Soulja’s number to his 800,000 followers, Chief Keef may still have sour feelings about past encounters. A while back the two got into a bit of a squabble when a GBE affiliate, an associate of Chief Keef’s stole Soulja Boy’s chain. Not taking the snatching too lightly, Soulja retaliated threatening to physically harm Keef. “Call Houlja H*e A** (240) 447-6760″ (XXL Mag)

One of Chief Keef’s GBE associates, Ballout, added fuel to the fire by throwing out jabs.

“@ChiefKeef Didn’t @souljaboy Ask U Too Get His chain Bak…FROM BIG BALLOUT #Str8BITCHAssNigga,” he tweeted December 6.

“@souljaboy #Ballout #Fans Got Cho charm #Fakeassgold #PussyBoi”

“Independent Ain’t Sign 1 Paper lil Pussy” (Ballout’s Twitter)

Rather than fall back, Soulja Boy spoke out and defended his image.

“what goofy said my name,” SB tweeted December 6.

“@GBE_BALLOUT you been got that chain snatched off yo neck stop the flexin and boy that’s not my chain. You want mfers to tweak with u”

“@GBE_BALLOUT you ain’t take shit. And you ain’t shit without Sosa remember that. That’s why you always gotta ask him you not a boss Bally ????????” (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

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