Chief Keef Says No, No, No W/ “F**k Rehab” [Audio]

Chief Keef Says No, No, No W/ “F**k Rehab” [Audio]

Chicago rapper Chief Keef may have spent an extensive stint in a court-ordered rehab center but those long days may have been for naught with the release of his new “F*ck Rehab” record.

The teenage rapper’s new song premiered online Tuesday (March 11).

If you were wondering how Chief Keef feels about the 90-day stint he just completed in rehab, his latest single has all of the answers. The Chicago rapper, born Keith Cozart, was mandated to enter rehab after failing multiple drug tests while on probation, and that has inspired the new track “F–k Rehab.” Produced by Bezz Luciano, with a feature from GBE’s Blood Money, the songs sounds pretty much like what we’ve come to expect from Keef. (MTV)

A new pic of Keef donning pigtails and smoking landed online a few days ago.

Looks like Chief Keef learned tons in rehab … just weeks after completing his court-ordered stint, the rapper posted a smoked out selfie. C.K. posted the pic on Instagram Friday night with caption the “At Home” … showing off his hair in fancy pigtails. You’ll recall … Keef was released from jail back in December but a judge ordered him to rehab for failing 3 drug tests while on probation. Keef might consider … the judge was already pissed off at him. (TMZ)

In his first interview since entering rehab, Keef recently revealed the hardship of being stuck in a Southern California center.

“It’s like being locked up,” Chief Keef, 18, tells Billboard, in his first interview since he entered rehab. “And when I’m locked up, I don’t want anybody to come see me. I won’t let my family come here. I haven’t seen my 2-year-old daughter.” Keef says he hasn’t even been in the water, just steps away. “The beach is cool, but it’s just water,” he says. “I can’t do salt water — f*cks my eyes up.” (Billboard)

The rap star was due in court on February 28 to learn his fate from a Chicago judge.

The court date looms heavy on his mind, but it does have an added benefit: He’ll finally be home. “I know it’s cold, but I love Chicago. I ain’t going to miss Orange County — I feel like I’m going to die in this motherf*cker.” (Billboard)

Check out Chief Keef’s “F*ck Rehab” song:

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