Chief Keef Reveals Graphic X-Rated Sex Act Photo?

Chief Keef Reveals Graphic X-Rated Sex Act Photo?

Chicago rapper Chief Keef continues to remain in the headlines as of late by now apparently publicly revealing a graphic Instagram photo of himself and a woman sexually engaged.

The sexually explicit photo of the 17 year-old sprouted up this weekend.

Just when you thought Chief Keef couldn’t push the envelope any further, the Chicago rapper is making headlines because of yet another ridiculous decision. Like his recent controversies with Lupe Fiasco and Lil Jojo, this one stems from social media. Keef just posted a picture of him and an unidentified woman in a sexual act. Oh boy. (Complex)

Coincidentally, the rapper’s grandmother recently revealed his obsession with females.

“Let’s be real, I’m always saying, ‘Cut that down, turn that off, that’s too loud’ when he’s doing all that music,” Carter said. “And girls is his thing. Girls, girls, girls. I get sick of all them girls.” All Chief Keef’s bad-boy bluster — and the police investigation into his gang ties regarding Coleman’s murder — “ain’t nothing but bull stuff,” Carter said. “How can he be doing all that gang stuff when he’s always home and when he’s not at home he’s out of town with me or his uncle. . . . And where’s this gang at? In my kitchen? In my basement? Where they at? In my refrigerator where he go all the time?” Carter said, referring her grandson’s regular routine around the house. “Look, I’m granny. That’s what they call me and I didn’t grow up with none of that mess. That don’t go in my god—- house.” (Sun-Times)

Last weekend, Keef vowed to stay away from the Twitter antics.

“I appreciate music, so I’m going to focus on that and sign off of Twitter I won’t have anything to say until my album drop 11/27 #R.I.Pjojo,” Chief Keef tweeted September 8th.

“i got a LOTTA sh*t 2 say but this aint da place…my music is. i love chicago & i wanna make this sh*t big for us! tell our story. #300″ (Chief Keef’s Twitter)

Recently, G-Unit’s 50 Cent admitted the rapper’s publicized feud with fellow Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco nearly cost him his Interscope Records contract.

“There was some energy there in the [Interscope] building, they was actually thinking about dropping him,” 50 said in an interview. “I was like, ‘D*mn you can’t just like drop him.’ That’s what hip-hop culture is. It’s an opportunity for you to make it from anywhere. If you from the bottom right now you could listen to this music that comes on, write something and put them cards back they gave you and deal yourself some new ones.” (Hot 97)

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