Chief Keef Pulls A Rick Ross? Nixes Entire Road Tour

Chief Keef Pulls A Rick Ross? Nixes Entire Road Tour

Chicago rapper Chief Keef is reportedly keeping life simple for the holidays and has canceled a series of upcoming tour dates just days after his Finally Rich debut album hit store shelves.

Although Chief Keef has yet to officially speak on the rumored nixed tour, reports on the alleged decision have sprouted online.

Chief Keef has canceled his tour and people are wondering why. The Chicago rapper who has had his fair share of controversy in 2012, canceled a tour stop in Philly and all other places for no apparent reason. Since the 3Hunna rapper didn’t give a reason, the rumors have now began to swirl. It seems kind of crazy of Chief to cancel his tour when he just released his album “Finally Rich” and it has been selling so well. Do you think Chief Keef doesn’t feel the need to tour right now and feels it’s just a waste of money? (Celebs Gather)

Some sites have speculated the decision stems from insurance-related issues.

It seems that Hip-Hop may be facing the same thing that they did in the 80s and early 90s. Back then, the insurance was very expensive for rappers considered dangerous or controversial. The recent events with Rick Ross and the GDz have suggested that his shows were cancelled for that very reason. AND, there are rumors that allege the promoter actually got paper from the insurance. Those are just rumors though. Don’t mind me. (All Hip Hop)

Despite the rumors, Keef boasted about coming through to Atlanta in the near future.

“ATL Aint Ready For Dem Go Boyz To Cum Turn Up On my Daughters Head #300 We Already Shook Some Sh*t downthere F*ck it i need 50k,” Keef tweeted December 23rd. (Chief Keef’s Twitter)

Recently, Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross recently had to cancel a slew of tour dates over scheduling conflicts.

“It never was due to any threats. Not to cut you off but let me explain something to you, I’m a certified man, I am a real boss and this is something that everybody needs to understand. Gangsters move in silence. Gangsters move in silence. And in situations like that, I just remember something an old-school Dade County gangster told me a long time ago that any dude can stand in the crowd with 30, 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody about that life, everybody gangster, you understand? But when those choppers come out, everybody fold.” (99 Jamz)

Check out some recent Chief Keef footage:

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