Chief Keef Hangs W/ 50 Cent’s Latest Co-Sign, Gasses Up Shocked Wifey

Chief Keef Hangs W/ 50 Cent’s Latest Co-Sign, Gasses Up Shocked Wifey

Chicago rapper Chief Keef is joining the wave by signing onto 50 Cent-endorsed mobile app Hang w/ and raised eyebrows with one of his most recent broadcasts.

Footage of Keef adding some undeniable fumes around his girlfriend has surfaced online.

It’s called Macaroni Time — because Chief Keef cuts the cheese. The 18-year-old rapper was checking out a new app earlier today called Hang w/ — which lets users watch live video of their friends — when he turned his weapon of ass destruction on his unsuspecting, pregnant baby mama. The fart itself is pretty impressive — a cross between a leaky balloon and a baby elephant — but Keef’s girl is NOT impressed. The fallout is hilarious. (TMZ)

G-Unit head 50 Cent is heading out to Texas next week to team up with Hang w/ for a streamed live concert.

Rapper 50 Cent is set to headline a South By Southwest concert on March 11 that will be live-streamed via Hang w/, a mobile app that’s being used by dozens of celebrities to broadcast their daily activities and chat with fans. A technophile who has a penchant for wandering the exhibits at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the 38-year-old Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist is also an investor in Hang With Inc., the Southern California company that created the app, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its launch in March 2013. (Billboard)

Following the announcement, Fif issued a statement to reaffirm the upcoming performance.

“I’m excited to be able to bring my fans behind the scenes and give the opportunity to those who couldn’t make it a chance to experience a concert at South By Southwest,” Curtis James Jackson III, known as 50 Cent, said in a statement. The concert is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. at the 1100 Warehouse in Austin during the “crossover” night between the last day of SXSW’s Interactive festival and the start of its music events. (Billboard)

Last fall, Hang W/ president Dave Swartz spoke to SOHH about the importance of Fif’s street presence being behind his company.

“In this business, street cred is very important. We’re launching a medium that we ultimately want to appeal to a younger demographic and if you don’t have street cred, then you’re not going to be successful. I think it is all a part of the business. I think the fact that 50 Cent is such a good businessman, he recognizes it as well. He’s willing to bring that to the platform and that means a lot.” (SOHH)

Check out the footage:

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