Chief Keef Calls NY Weed “Weak As F*ck” & Says He’s Not Sweatin’ Katy Perry

Chief Keef Calls NY Weed “Weak As F*ck” & Says He’s Not Sweatin’ Katy Perry

Chicago rapper Chief Keef recently hit the streets of New York City running, accompanied by a music reporter, where he shared his thoughts about the Big Apple’s marijuana quality, rift with pop singer Katy Perry and more.

According to a New York Observer write-up, Keef made it known he is not a fan of the city’s weed.

Last Saturday in Soho, teen rapper Kevin “Chief Keef” Cozart parked his SUV as a lick of marijuana smoke snaked from a half-rolled-down window. Inside, a smiling face wrapped in mini-?dreadlocks: Chief Keef was in town for a headlining show at the Best Buy Theater. The car inched up the block to the Beats by Dre store for an in-store signing celebrating the unveiling of Chief Keef’s signature headphones. Mr. Keef and members of his Glory Boyz Entertainment posse headed indoors, where they complained about New York weed. “It’s weak as f*ck,” Mr. Keef told the Transom. Luckily, NYC has many delivery services, and several drug deals were soon completed. This was Mr. Keef’s first public appearance in New York since the release of his debut album, Finally Rich, an odd title given that he’s only 17 years old. (Last year Mr. Keef signed a $6 million dollar deal with Interscope.) (New York Observer)

He also briefly dabbed on a short-lived dispute with pop sensation Katy Perry.

While he may enjoy driving fast, Mr. Keef walks at approximately 0.02 miles an hour. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, he’s usually smiling, cracking a joke. When asked about his beef with Katy Perry, who tweeted that his new single “Hate Bein Sober” made her have “serious doubt for the world,” he smiled and shook his dreads: “I don’t give a f*ck,” he said. Back at the hotel, a young lady in tight acid-washed jeans was waiting in the lobby. Mr. Keef–take-out pizza in one hand, the girl’s hand in the other–rode the elevator up to his room, emerging a few hours later: showtime. (New York Observer)

Prior to her apology, Chief went at Perry after she singled out the message of his “Hate Being Sober” track.

“Dat b*tch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my D*ck,” Keef tweeted May 23rd.

“Ill Smack The Sh*t out her ?”

“New Song Katy Perry Coming Soon” (Chief Keef’s Twitter)

Last month, Keef made headlines for a marijuana arrest in Atlanta.

Here’s Chief’s account of the situation: “So me and my homie Tray Savage was in the hotel room chillin’ when some fat ass security guard started knocking on the door talking about he needed to fix a water leak. So his ass walked in and started looking around at us and immediately gave me the racist look then started talking sh*t to me. I told him, ‘I thought you wanted to fix a water leak?’ Which he obviously lied ’cause there was no water leaking. Then he immediately started talking sh*t to us. He told me that he was going to call the police on me so I called him a b*tch. He kept saying how the police about to be on their way to lock me up so I blew smoke in his face and pulled out 30 racks (white person translation: $30,000) and said I got the bond money — there is more where this come from.” (TMZ)

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