Chi-Town Show-Down: Yung Berg Vs. Twista

Chi-Town Show-Down: Yung Berg Vs. Twista

Congrats to Killer Mike for knocking down Keri Hilson in Round 1 with a 100% victory. Today, we fly to the Windy City as Chicago’s Yung Berg takes on hometown hero Twista. Will Yung’s list creep past Twista or can the rap veteran twist out a victory? Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

Jadakiss. Jadakiss is in my top five because before I even started wanting to rap, he had been hot and is still hot. You can’t say anything bad about his lyrics. He’s worked some of the best from B.I.G. to everybody. And you gotta salute that man [for] coming close to selling 200,000 records with his last release without really having a major pop single.

Right off the top of my head, the first name that comes to my mind is Pharoahe Monch from Organized Konfusion. It’s his lyrics. Listen to his songs. His early stuff alone just gave me the feeling that Rakim gave me when I heard his rhymes. He’s just got some of the dopest, illest lyrics that I’ve ever heard. That first Organized Konfusion album was crazy.

Fabolous. Fab’s in there because he’s a f*cking radio record, b*tch record smasher. I love n*ggas that make records for the b*tches because that’s what I do myself, personally. I think he’s consistently put out quality records year after year for the streets and for the women.

D*mn, this is getting hard. I’m going to have to name a new rapper I really like for my list. I really like Mickey Factz. It’s all about his wordplay and lyrics. The best way I can put it is I hear a rapper that reminds me of the emceeing from the era that I felt like lyrics was the sh*t. Or it’s like when I get that tingle in my body. That’s a real rapper. So when I start hearing those sentences come together and the words and syllables, it just does something to me. So when I listen to Mickey Factz, I can tell this n*gga will tear a n*gga’s head off. He’s super cold to me.

Young Jeezy. Jeezy is in there because nobody’s music has touched me the way his music has. I don’t sell drugs or nothing in that nature. I’m not a thug or none of that sh*t. When Jeezy’s first album came out, I swear to God I wanted to put a brick [of cocaine] in my backseat and just ride out.

Black Thought. It’s the flow and subject matter. Whenever I listen to Black Thought, I focus in on his flow and subject matter. I love when rappers got substance.

Kanye West. Kanye is in there because Kanye is just a f*cking genius. It’s not only that, it’s because he’s so passionate. He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He won’t put the muzzle on himself. Kanye is going to go out there and be passionate about his music. Regardless if he says something crazy, you still have to f*ck with him because of that quality music.

I know he’s another new rapper but I’m going to name Jay Electronica. That’s another rapper that really pops in my head. Watch out for him, he’s one of my favorites out there right about now.

Rick Ross. Ross makes incredible music. Ross has been able to take Jeezy’s formula and make smash records. Ross is the number one rapper in the game right now.

And one final rapper to name, I’d have to say Bahamadia. She always had an ill flow and I don’t want to leave a female out. So I gotta go with her to end my Top 5 list.

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