Chelsea Handler’s Attraction To Rap Is Legit, “She Does Love Hip Hop”

Chelsea Handler’s Attraction To Rap Is Legit, “She Does Love Hip Hop”

With late night talk show host Chelsea Handler‘s infamous attraction toward hip-hop artists ranging from T.I. to 50 Cent on constant display, SOHH recently chopped it up with her good pal and fellow comedian, Jo Koy, to find out just how much she digs rap.

Having made endless appearances on Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” talk show, Koy said Handler is a legit hip-hop head.

“Me and Chelsea go way back,” Koy told SOHH when asked about his relationship with Handler. “We’ve been friends for like six years now. So I knew her when she was broke, when Chelsea didn’t have all this money that she has now, when she was just the other girl at the comedy club telling jokes. She was just another comedian back then. … To be honest, she’s just a fan of music. I think when she does all that playfulnes, it’s just for fun. She does love hip-hop. When we were opening the show, she’d have hip-hop playing. So I would say she’s a fan but I think she also milks it because it’s pretty funny.” (SOHH)

Last year, VH1 talk show host Carrie Keagan gave SOHH her take on Handler getting steamy with rap star 50 Cent.

“[laughs] I would love to see their babies,” Keagan told SOHH when asked if Handler and 50 could have worked out together in the long run. “Yes. You know what the beauty of that is? The best thing about that relationship is that Chelsea would have been 1,000 percent in control. [laughs] Chelsea is not an oblique person. She’s definitely in charge. Yeah. She knows what she wants and if Chelsea wanted 50 Cent, she would have had him…I’ve been trying to get out [around New York City] but it’s hard. I have to get up at like 4 AM in the morning and so I’m in bed by 9 PM. I don’t know any rappers that might be around unless [it’s] Happy Hour. [laughs]” (SOHH)

In January, Handler said a confrontation with Fif, involving his ex-girl/singer Ciara caused them to separate.

“[I asked him] ‘You’re telling me this girl wants to get back together with you but she’s upset that you’re dating me, is that what you’re saying,'” Handler told radio host Howard Stern recalling her questioning 50 about Ciara appearing on her talk show. “And he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah. When she comes, just know that’s what she’s after.’ Whatever I called him was probably the worst thing you could say to a black person, short of calling him the N-word. Not a black person, any person. I said you’re like a street person, basically, something along the lines of being a gangster. It was really, really offensive and I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again.” (“The Howard Stern Show”)

A few weeks prior, Chicago rapper Common appeared on “Chelsea Lately” and questioned her about having an interest in dating rappers.

Hip-hop artist Common stopped by “Chelsea Lately” (Weeknights, 11PM ET on E!) on Tuesday night, and as often happens on that show, the talk turned to dating. First, host Chelsea Handler wanted to know which physical attributes attract Common to a woman. He denied being attracted to only one specific feature, saying “I like all shapes of women, beautiful women.” Then Common had a question for Chelsea, who dated rapper 50 Cent last year. “Do you like black guys?” he asked. To which she quipped, “It depends. There’s a time of year in which I’m very interested in black men. … It happens to be right around the holidays.” (Huffington Post)

Check out Chelsea Handler speaking on 50 Cent below:

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