Charlie Wilson Recalls Making Kanye West’s “See Me Now” Hit, “That Whole Experience Was Incredible”

Charlie Wilson Recalls Making Kanye West’s “See Me Now” Hit, “That Whole Experience Was Incredible”

R&B veteran Charlie Wilson has recalled being called upon for Kanye West‘s “See Me Now” collaboration and detailed his experience with the Grammy-winning producer in the studio.

According to Wilson, the duo went from originally making one record to multiple songs in a single day.

“Kanye started to play some of his new songs and we were only supposed to do one track, but we ended up doing three that day. We started tripling the vocals, but I told him, ‘This is just day one; I don’t know if I’m finished… we should do more.’ That’s when Kanye told me to come to New York to do some more recording at Electric Ladyland. One of the songs we recorded was ‘See Me Now,’ featuring Beyoncé. That whole experience was incredible. If you are ever in the studio with Kanye West, to see him work is amazing. He just bounces from room to room because he has a lot of sessions going on and he’s finishing song after song after song. It was awesome to hear the finished song with him and Beyoncé on it. That line where he says Kanye, Beyoncé and Charlie are the Black elite. I was on the floor! He was speaking that from his heart.” (VIBE)

West and Wilson’s “See Me Now” premiered in mid-August.

Though he’s been working on the track for over two years, West told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he literally completed “See Me Now” this morning. In fact, West said that one of the song’s guest contributors, Ms. Beyonce Knowles, finished her vocals at 5 am. Joining Beyonce on the track is R&B singer Charlie Wilson. West, No I.D., and Lex Luger handled production. West did not note whether the song will make its way on his still untitled upcoming album, which is now due for release in November. However, he chose to release it now because “life is too short to be holding on to it.” He also added that it’s “something my mom would be proud off.” (Consequence of Sound)

Following the premiere, West shared his reaction to the song being released.

“I’m feeling like I’m about to crash the Internet,” West told radio host Angie Martinez. “My raps are very crazy and I’m very happy people could hear it and to hear it so instantly. Beyonce finished those vocals at 5 a.m. this morning. I had to bring it to my people. Y’all had to have that.” (Hot 97)

Writing via his Twitter page, West had also exclaimed his excitement over the new track prior to its release.

“This sh*t I got in studio now don’t make no sense Ima leak this sh*t 2mrw !!! Ima go up to Angie’s!! I’m extremely serious!!!,” he wrote early Wednesday (August 11) morning.

“God is good all the time… I know my Mama woulda loved this one!” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Check out Kanye West talking about his “See Me Now” single below:

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