Charli Baltimore Says Notorious B.I.G.’s Jay Z & Diddy Dream Never Manifested: “That Would’ve Been Crazy”

Charli Baltimore Says Notorious B.I.G.’s Jay Z & Diddy Dream Never Manifested: “That Would’ve Been Crazy”

Philadelphia rapper Charli Baltimore recently reflected on her run with the late Notorious B.I.G. and how despite the speculation, plans for a Commission project never panned out.

According to Baltimore, B.I.G.’s fatal shooting in March 1997 ultimately ended the star-studded Commission dream.

In the ’90s, Charli Baltimore was being groomed for greatness. While under the tutelage of the late Notorious B.I.G., the Philadelphia beauty was had picked to be the Commission, an all-star group which was to include Jay Z, Diddy, Lil Cease and Biggie himself. Die-hard fans can remember Big namedropping the crew at the top of his 1997 record “What’s Beef” and Jay’s shout-out on “The City is Mines,” but Biggie’s still-unsolved murder cut the plans short. The crew never even hit the studio. “No, we didn’t get a chance to, it never happened,” Charli told “RapFix Live” host Sway Calloway when she appeared on Wednesday’s (September 18) show. “It was already a blessing to be around such talent and greatness, so that would’ve been crazy.” (MTV)

She also spoke on having a romantic relationship with the rap mogul.

Baltimore also for a time carried on a romantic relationship with Biggie, which caused problems between his other love interest Lil’ Kim and his wife Faith Evans. “I was interacting with Kim because I was in the ‘Get Money’ video, but I didn’t know that they had something else going on at the time,” she said, referencing her starring role in Junior Mafia’s 1995 video. “As far as Faith, as far as physically interacting, no. We spoke and obviously when he passed I offered my condolences to her and her family.” Charli has grown now, and chalks up any past drama to living the fast life at an early age. “At the time, I was super young. We all were,” she said. “In Big’s defense, he was young and fame was fast, so it’s a lot that comes with that.” (MTV)

Referencing her 1998 “Money Love” single, Baltimore denied rumors about Jay Z ghostwriting for her last year.

“Jay-Z didn’t ghostwrite ‘Money,'” replied Charli when asked about Hov’s role in her debut single. “I never had any [songs] ghostwritten by Jay-Z. I do all my own writing. But actually, ‘Money’ was written by The L.O.X. And that was because I had just gotten my deal and the person running the label at the time, [Lance “Un” Rivera], just thought that my first single should be written by someone else. But they wrote that and then after that I never had anybody else write anything for me. I write all of my stuff.” (Hip Hop DX)

In 2009, Baltimore opened up about her past bond with Jay.

“We had a relationship that was based on a friendship at one point. Like with me, if I’m in any sort of relationship it has to be mutual. If you are mutual friends, then you are mutual friends. If you are mutual f*cking, then you are mutually f*cking! [Laughs] There should never be a point where one person is putting in 60% and the other person is putting in 150%,” Charli said. “That goes with any kind of relationship. I don’t know how Jay is now, but back then, I felt as though Jay was all about Jay. I felt like in any sort of relationship, no matter what it is, it has to be mutual. You have to have a mutual respect to accomplish anything, especially if you are trying to do business.” (Yo Raps)

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