Charles Hamilton Takes Soulja Boy’s “Swag” To Task, “That’s The Best You Can Do In The Mainstream?” [Video]

Charles Hamilton Takes Soulja Boy’s “Swag” To Task, “That’s The Best You Can Do In The Mainstream?” [Video]

Rap newcomer Charles Hamilton recently gave his opinion on the lack of inspirational hip-hop music in today’s rap game and questioned why Soulja Boy‘s “Turn My Swag On” represents today’s rap.

In addition to explaining how Soulja Boy’s music is an example of what is wrong with rap radio, the rapper also spoke on Jay-Z.

“Inspirational hip-hop music, and nowadays it’s gotten to the point where, n*gga, an inspirational hip-hop song is ‘Turn My Swag On’,” Hamilton said in an interview. “F*ck outta here n*gga, like that’s the best you can do in the mainstream? No, I’m not trying to hear that. That’s really not where I’m at. When I saw Coldplay and Jay-Z at the Grammy’s, I was like that’s just f*cking ridiculous. That’s hot. What would have made it iller was if it was Jay-Z with like a younger band…Jay-Z is a big rapper who taught a lot of lessons over the years but it was always up to the listener. Maybe you can fault them, maybe you can’t. Maybe you’re supposed to have your eyes on it. There’s too many ‘maybes,’ that’s my point. This new generation just ain’t on their feet.” (Hard Knock TV)

Hamilton previously caught heat from Soulja Boy after calling him out in an interview last year.

“I’m not trying to play Soulja Boy but chill,” he said in an interview. “It’s because of Souja Boy that my day to day, the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog sh*t that’s dead real to me is considered a joke.” (Shade 45)

Soulja Boy, who deflected attacks from Ice-T and Bow Wow, quickly responded to the rapper.

“Gotta couple cartoon characters, you know, got my name in their mouth — the boy about to start crying in the interview,” Soulja Boy said in a video, with a laugh. “This just not goes out to Charles Hamilton, the Sonic Man, this not him, this goes out to all the rappers out there man…I’d rather take the positive route and not get into beef…It’s not my fault — that whatever you got going on ain’t going right, you know what I’m saying? You gonna have to go back to the drawing board, ya feel me, grab the magic marker, ‘X’ out the Sonic and you might wanna just f*ck with Mario.” (YouTube)

Hamilton previously spoke on his Pink Lavalamp digital debut and reflected on his music representing the future of hip-hop.

“It is, without question, a hip-hop album,” Hamilton said last year. “At the same time, I embody different genres of music to express different feelings and emotions that I feel in my everyday life. My music is always based on my life. My happiness, my sins, my heartbreak, my anger, my quirkiness, my everything is given in my music. The music I grew up listening to told a story. So I’m taking the music I grew up with, as well as my story, as well as my musicianship, to bring about a new sound. I don’t want to sound redundant and talk about myself all the time, but I hope my story can help someone else’s life.” (Last FM)

Check out Charles Hamilton below:

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