Charles Hamilton Spills Lava On Eminem Collabo: “It Was Part Of A Bargaining Chip”

Charles Hamilton Spills Lava On Eminem Collabo: “It Was Part Of A Bargaining Chip”

Elusive rapper Charles Hamilton has come clean on landing an Eminem-produced track, “I Don’t Care,” and how big of a role Interscope Records played in making it happen.

According to Hamilton, Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine set the collaboration into motion.

“The thing about that track is, it was part of a bargaining chip. The real war came down to Warner Bros. and Interscope,” Hamilton explained. “Jimmy Iovine basically said, ‘Do you wanna work with Eminem?’ and I was said, ‘Sure.’ [But] I had my poker face on. I’m not gonna go, ‘Oh, goodie goodie!’ [But] I get to work with Em. I’ve publicly stated that he’s one of my favorite artists, so I went to work with him. [It was a] very cool situation.” (MTV)

He also detailed the studio session vibe being around one of his favorite rappers.

“He laid the drum pattern down, I played the instruments, wrote my lyrics, wrote the hook and did a piano solo,” he said, going on to reference the “Wayans Brothers” theme song. “We didn’t sit back like ‘We’re brothers! We’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored!’ We were just cool. We had a very interesting conversation, and in that conversation, I had a decision to make, whether or not I’m going to take the road Em traveled or if I’m going to do my thing.” (MTV)

Last month, Em and Hamilton’s new joint record surfaced online.

Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton is back and trying to put his fall from rap grace behind him with the new track “I Don’t Care.” Apparently co-produced by the rapper’s idol Eminem, the song is an enticing preview for his new release Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic, which is scheduled to drop July 7. For Hamilton, it’s a return to hazy, crackly smoothness. “For those that thought they knew me/ Say hello to the one who you thought was the new me,” he raps over a laid-back, booming beat. “Success would be thought of as awesome, usually/ But when I talk to dudes, you’ll confuse me.” (Rapfix)

Earlier this year, West Coast rapper Blu talked to SOHH about the fellow XXL Freshmen alumni emcee needing to make a strong hip-hop comeback.

“I would say Charles Hamilton needs to put all of his controversy into music instead of putting it out into the media,” Blu told SOHH when asked what words of wisdom he has for Charles. “His personality speaks so much. I think if he would put that into his music, it would help his music speak louder. He’s a dope brother though.” (SOHH)

Check out “I Don’t Care” below:

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