Charles Hamilton Says Be Careful Who You Vote For Tomorrow [Video]

Charles Hamilton Says Be Careful Who You Vote For Tomorrow [Video]

With Election Day just hours away, elusive rapper Charles Hamilton has offered his take on how important it is to make sure you lock in a vote for the best candidate.

Rather than co-sign President Barack Obama or slam Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Hamilton said eligible voters should go for whoever they have the most confidence in.

“People have the choice they wanna make. Without getting into too many technicals, people can pick whoever makes them happy. I can’t say I don’t care but, you know, everyone has a decision they have to make. Be wise about your decision, and don’t complain two years from now if the person you voted for now doesn’t do what they said they were goin’ to do to make you happy in the first place. … The person who I always say I wanna vote for isn’t running. Y’all have to pick who you want to vote for. I don’t really think my voice matters in this whole thing as far as who I wanna vote for. I don’t think it matters.” (AHH)

Former Shady Records rapper Ca$his shared a similar stance with SOHH last month.

“As far as real politics, man, I’m not a politician,” Ca$his told SOHH when asked for his take on the upcoming presidential election. “I feel you should vote, I’m a felon, so they’ve scratched that out for me. I do feel if you have a chance, an opportunity to change something, then you should do it. Of course I rock with Obama. He’s coming out of Chicago, so of course I’m rocking with him all day. That’s where I stand and I don’t get too deep in to it because then I’ll start putting in my words and you’ll start spinning if off on people. You can choose whoever you want, vote for what you want and whatever legislation you’re feeling right now. I just want them to go ahead and make weed legal all the way to California and we good. That’s all I’m thinking about.” (SOHH)

Recently, West Coast rapper Game came to actress Stacey Dash‘s defense when she publicly endorsed Romney.

“I don’t understand what everybody’s gripe is with that,” he said. “We live in the world [where] we try as people to become more non-racial. Every black person in the world doesn’t support Obama. …Why are we slamming her? Maybe she has different views and opinions, she should be entitled.” (CBS Local)

A few days ago, Aftermath’s Kendrick Lamar spoke on the importance of letting people’s voices be heard tomorrow.

“I think we tend to put [issues] in the hands of higher politics rather than do for ourselves,” he told MTV News. “So what made me the most angry is, when something doesn’t go right in that world, you get people out here that want to blame Obama. And I think that’s corny. I think that’s one of our biggest failures as a community, as a generation; not wanting to go out and do for ourselves and to sit back and wait. And then when it doesn’t happen, we point the finger. I think we just really need to take matters into our own hands; uplift our community, put money back in our community, and show these kids how there’s something different.” (MTV)

Check out Charles Hamilton’s interview:

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