Charles Hamilton On Jail & Haters: “People Were Blaming Insanity Because Certain Details Didn’t Hit The Surface”

Charles Hamilton On Jail & Haters: “People Were Blaming Insanity Because Certain Details Didn’t Hit The Surface”

Elusive rapper Charles Hamilton has come clean on spending time behind bars in late 2010 for reportedly resisting arrest and explained why his rocky music career may be evening out.

According to Hamilton, his stint behind bars had a direct impact on his music.

“When I was incarcerated, my songs got a little more aggressive, but after I did some time and came back to NYC, I was a little upset at my fans because they were saying some pretty harsh things about me when I was locked up,” Hamilton said, upset at being criticized despite releasing free music. “This is not how you should approach somebody who’s been showing you guys free love.” The backlash against his music — post-incarceration — made Hamilton more reclusive. “[People] were blaming insanity … because certain details didn’t hit the surface, but it had nothing to do with drugs, it had nothing to do with alcohol, it was about me standing up for women, once again,” he said. At the time of Hamilton’s arrest, details were scarce, revealing only that he had responded aggressively to cops trying to subdue him at an Ohio bar, but he says there was something deeper happening. (MTV)

He also reflected on his two-year run with Interscope Records and why his work ethic outmatched any labelmate back then.

After leaving his deal with Interscope Records, Charles Hamilton says he’s entertaining the option of signing another contract, but only under “very specific” terms after his previous experience. “MC Lyte said it best — it was a fight to get me off Interscope. I put out more projects that the entire Interscope roster from 2008 to 2010, and it [took] Eminem to come out and trump that, as far as getting physical sales numbers,” he said, detailing the split. “Interscope had to choose between traditional and the new wave, and I said ‘this new wave costs ya’ll less money and less compromise’ but it took people on the inside to say to Interscope ‘ya’ll don’t know what you’re doing with this kid.’ A lot of the inner workings weren’t made clear to me, and I took it very personally. ‘What is it about me that I’ve gotta get the ax?'” (MTV)

Last month, an alleged Eminem-produced Hamilton record landed online.

Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton is back and trying to put his fall from rap grace behind him with the new track “I Don’t Care.” Apparently co-produced by the rapper’s idol Eminem, the song is an enticing preview for his new release Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic, which is scheduled to drop July 7. For Hamilton, it’s a return to hazy, crackly smoothness. “For those that thought they knew me/ Say hello to the one who you thought was the new me,” he raps over a laid-back, booming beat. “Success would be thought of as awesome, usually/ But when I talk to dudes, you’ll confuse me.” (Rapfix)

Last year, the rapper inked an open letter to let fans know about some of his past mistakes and regrets.

“If there’s any statement I would like to make, I want to grossly apologize to my mother for my treatment of her for the last 7-9 years,” he wrote in a letter. “And if we rewind a bit, I owe her about 12 years worth of apologies. I’m not worthy of the acclaim, so I’m not going for it anymore. If there’s another song from me, it’s not coming from the place it was once being projected from. Maybe jail did teach me a lesson. But I still have no right to treat my mother like she’s a stranger. I kinda don’t want to be on Facebook anymore after typing such, so if I’m slow to reply, you know why. So here’s the low down on the new music. Written is 2 albums, and the final L Word. “My Heart” is out of my hands (get it now?), and one of the albums has a really deep title… F*ck it. “Hamilton” … I will not comment on any artist(s), because I’m not in a space to say anything about them. Therefore, wait until you hear the new music to hear what I really ahve to say. I hate the color orange. If you’ve been to jail, you know why.” (Where Is Charles Hamilton)

Check out some recent Charles Hamilton footage below:

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