Charles Hamilton Escapes Cleveland Jail House

Charles Hamilton Escapes Cleveland Jail House

Troubled rapper Charles Hamilton reportedly broke free from a Cleveland jail last week after posting $25,000 bail in relation to a police assault case.

According to new reports, Hamilton was released from jail last Wednesday (January 26).

Charles Hamilton posted $25,000 bail and was released from jail on Wednesday, January 26. He was referred to a psychiatric earlier last month and as of Monday, has been confined to mental treatment for the time being. The rapper was charged with resisting arrest and assault, stemming from a December 10 incident with police in Cleveland, Ohio. [via Cuyahoga County Clerks Of Courts] (Complex)

In early January, Hamilton was reportedly placed under medical watch.

Hamilton is still in Cleveland county jail for a felony assault charge from last month, but today (January 4) the troubled rapper was in court, where he was referred to a psychiatric clinic. A clerk for the Cayuga County Court of Common Pleas confirmed with that Hamilton will be evaluated by the court’s psychiatric facility to see if he is competent to stand trial in the case. He will not receive another court date until the report comes back. The clerk says that usually doesn’t come for a couple of weeks. (XXL Mag)

Initial information on Hamilton’s December 10th arrest emerged a few weeks ago.

Where is Charles Hamilton? Well, he was arrested last week in Ohio for assault. Details are sketchy, but he allegedly was causing a disturbance at various bars. When he was confronted by a cop, he punched the officer in the face. Apparently he’s still in custody with bail set at $25,000. (Rap Radar)

The rapper made headlines after checking into a New York mental hospital last summer.

“Basically my stay here [NY Presbyterian Mental Hospital] is like identical to my stay in the industry. As far as being the new guy in here having to deal with politics & people trying to control you. The critics would have to be the doctors and the rounds [medicine guys]. So you can say this is like an experiment to see if the industry is really like an asylum or if I was the one bugging. Some say the Industry is like High School but it’s just like a [mental hospital].” (Bossip)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out some recent Charles Hamilton footage down below:

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