Charlamagne Tha God On Mister Cee’s Confession, “It’s Not Like He Committed A Crime, He Just Likes Young Boys”

Charlamagne Tha God On Mister Cee’s Confession, “It’s Not Like He Committed A Crime, He Just Likes Young Boys”

New York’s Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God has weighed in on rival station Hot 97 personality Mister Cee admitting his involvement in a sex-related arrest last March.

Despite poking fun at Cee a few months ago, Charlamagne said the situation is not as major as people may think.

“We live in an era where people are numb to everything,” Charlamagne said in an interview. “This is the same society that didn’t care R. Kelly urinated on an underage girl. We are numb to everything in this society. Like seriously is being gay in 2011 a big deal? Nobody really cares…It’s not like he committed a crime, he just likes young boys. As a deejay Mister Cee could never lose credibility, he’s incredible on the turntables. As a man, people might look at him like a liar or somebody who’s been living a lie for a long time, but at the end of the day he’s a great deejay and that’s what he’s known for and that’s what I think people care about. I don’t think people care about his personal life enough for him to lose credibility.” (BET)

Due to his guilty plea, Cee will have to undergo counseling.

Cee, 44, whose real name is Calvin LeBrun, pleaded guilty to a charge of loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense. He and his much younger companion, Lawrence Campbell, 20, were busted March 30 at 4 a.m. at Watts and West streets. He was ordered to complete three months, or 12 sessions, of counseling with a doctor, officials said. (New York Daily News)

A police report detailing Cee’s March arrest hit the Internet in early April.

Lebrun, known as “Mister Cee” on Hot 97, was nabbed along with Lawrence Campbell, 20, according to a criminal complaint sworn by Officer Lindsay Agard. The cop reported spotting Campbell (who used the name “Brooke-Lynn Pinklady” on his just-deleted Facebook page) “manipulating” Lebrun’s “exposed, naked, and erect penis” with his “mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.” The duo was collared March 30 in a car parked on Manhattan’s far West Side, two blocks from the Holland Tunnel. (The Smoking Gun)

Following the report, Cee’s accomplice Brooke-Lynn aka Pink Lady defended his image and denied the allegations.

“I kinda just wanted to set the record straight and let everybody know that nothing, indeed, happened in that car,” Brooklyn said in a self recorded video. “I feel like it’s an Internet blog that got totally out of hand. A lot of things I read are just totally not true about me and my character. I’m not a transsexual, I’m a drag queen…I feel like the media in a whole has made me out to be this person, I feel just to get at him for some reason or to get a story. It’s definitely not true. I’m definitely not a prostitute. I’m not, in any way, shape or form. I don’t do things like that. I don’t have sex for money. I don’t need to have sex for money. I make enough money on my own…I feel like people, nowadays, will do anything and everything for money. This whole thing I feel like just a big a** entertainment scheme. I don’t understand why I was brought into it.” (YouTube)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on Mister Cee down below:

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