Chamillionaire Withdrawals From Mixtapes & Refuses To Drop New Album, “It’s Not Coming Out”

Chamillionaire Withdrawals From Mixtapes & Refuses To Drop New Album, “It’s Not Coming Out”

Chamillionaire, who is known for his popular mixtapes, has announced he will no longer make mixtapes and he’s broken the silence on his long-awaited Venom album.

Writing via his alleged MySpace page, Chamillionaire took the time to offer fans a “moment of clarity.”

“Fact. No more underground mixtapes after [Mixtape Messiah] part 7,” he wrote unmodified. “No jacking beats and putting out full cds. That formula is old. To me. I have done it 100 million times and it just doesn’t inspire me anymore. Sorry if it makes you feel a certain way. There are plenty other artists out there doing it that you can choose from…Fact. Venom isn’t gonna drop. It’s not coming out. I’m not dropped. Not depressed. I’m not sad. Just telling you what I’m thinking and what I’m gonna do. No press release about it. No label rep saying it. Straight from the boss’ mouth…Past dope concepts will go into my vault. Key locked thrown away. Except for a couple of these that could fit anywhere. The music should fit together and not sound like it’s all over the place.” (Chamillionaire’s MySpace)

Fabolous previously spoke on the problems with today’s mixtape circuit.

“That game is really saturated,” Fab said in an interview about the mixtapes. “I feel like you really have to do something special now, but there’s not really anything special you can do on a mixtape besides trying different things musically or with the way you distribute it…There’s nothing special to me about a mixtape now…There’s pretty much one coming out every five minutes. Right now, I think the dopest thing is to have a mixtape online–don’t even have a hard disc, because even that’s slowed down. When was the last time someone went somewhere and bought a hard copy of a mix CD? So maybe the next step is to release something digitally and tie it in with that.” (Hip Hop DX)

Chamillionaire’s music career was jump-started via his mixtapes.

Through a prolific succession of mixtapes, Chamillionaire (born Hakeem Sediki) became known for his deep, versatile voice (he sings his own hooks very effectively) and lyrical ability. Originally part of Swishahouse, he switched to Paid in Full, where he and Paul Wall collaborated on 2002’s Get Ya Mind Correct — an album that sold 100,000 copies. Prior to inking his deal with Universal, he founded the Chamilitary label. (All Music)

The rapper previously spoke with SOHH about the importance of fans’ album purchases.

“My thing is OK, I’ma give y’all what y’all want,” he said. “All y’all have to do is just support my records when they come out. Support my album because honestly this time around I gotta hit a home run. If I don’t, I’m very realistic with myself. I probably won’t be doing this. (SOHH)

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