Chamillionaire “Realistic” About New Album, “I Gotta Hit A Home Run Or I Probably Won’t Be Doing This [Anymore]”


On the eve of the release of the "Mixtape Messiah 5," SOHH caught up with Chamillionaire to talk about his upcoming major label album, Venom, and why it may be his last.

Less than 3 months after dropping the “Mixtape Messiah 4″ Chamillionaire will release the fifth installment of the popular series on November 23rd.  The Houston based rapper told SOHH that he’s pushing out street music in hopes that his fans will reciprocate by purchasing his upcoming, Universal Records release, Venom.

“My thing is OK I’ma give y’all what y’all want,” he said. “All y’all have to do is just support my records when they come out. Support my album because honestly this time around I gotta hit a home run.  If I don’t, I’m very realistic with myself.  I probably won’t be doing this,” Chamillionaire revealed.

Though his second studio album, Ultimate Victory, was well received by critics and Chamillionaire says he made money off of it, the LP only sold 79,000 copies its first week.  “I could say that I don’t care about sales but I won’t be here if I don’t start caring,” he said.  “The way that this world works, success is the only thing that people remember. So whatever people call success, I need that.”

In order to make this third full-length album a success, Cham is planning to shed his nice, humble rapper image and instead take on the persona of a rapper who was bit by a venomous spider.  “Honestly a lot of times people don’t’ pay attention to that guy.  The good guy gets overlooked, ” he said.  “I’m coming with the venom.  I’m not playing no games.”

Venom does not have a release date as of yet but Cham has already been collaborating with producers who make “commercially street music,” like DJ Montae, Drumma Boy, the J.U.S.T.I.C.E.League and Mannie Fresh. He also tapped Atlanta rapper Ludacris to appear on the first single, “Creepin’ (Solo).”

Chamillionaire says that Venom has an “element of danger” but that doesn’t mean that he’ll be reneging on his policy of not using curse words in his music.

“I will never go back on that,” he said.  “When I say something I don’t change it.  I don’t want to make a big campaign out of it [but] I’m a man of morals.  If you don’t stand for something in this world then what the heck is your purpose?”

For now, Chamillionaire thinks that his purpose is to provide his fans with catchy original music but if Venom is not a big success he won’t hesitate to move on to another means of making money.

“I’m a hustler, I’ma get money but I’ma move on to something that’s gonna make money,” he admitted.  “Right now music does make money for me.  I still get big checks but when they stop then I can’t say I’m still gon’ be doing this.

“Mixtape Messiah 5″ will be available on Sunday November 23rd.

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