Chamillionaire, Olivia, Styles P & Glasses Malone Talk NBA Play-Offs

Chamillionaire, Olivia, Styles P & Glasses Malone Talk NBA Play-Offs

With the NBA Play-Offs in full effect, SOHH spoke with Chamillionaire, Olivia, Styles P and Glasses Malone to get their predictions for who will make it to the Finals.

Despite being from Texas, Chamillionaire said he has always been a loyal Los Angeles Lakers fan.

“I think it’s gonna be between the Lakers and Cleveland,” Cham told SOHH about a possible NBA Finals match-up. “I know a few people think I’m on the bandwagon because the Lakers are a hot team but I was on the Lakers when people wasn’t really rooting for them. Even when Kobe [Bryant] had his little problem and everyone started jumping off of Kobe. I was still hoping Kobe was gonna come back and get his revenge against everybody and people don’t understand the way I pick teams, I pick them because I feel it’s about entertainment. It’s supposed to entertain you and the Lakers are an entertaining team to me.” (SOHH)

Olivia said she was sticking with her Boston Celtics through the NBA play-offs.

“I’m a big sports fanatic,” Olivia told SOHH. “I’m a big sports fanatic and it just happens to be that all of my favorite teams are green. Like all of their colors are green. So everybody knows that the Celtics are my favorite basketball team. And besides them, Dallas, those would always be my favorite two. I don’t have no New York teams, I’ve never been a Knicks fan. My boy [Eddie] House just got traded over there so I gotta just jump on the [Knicks] bandwagon for that, but still not a Knicks fan. [Rajon] Rondo is my boy. I’ve followed Rondo since when he was in high school. I think he’s dope, I think they’re gonna be a great team [in the play-offs]. They already are a good team but I think every team has their pick-up time, sometimes you get slow and you catch back up, but they’re gonna be all right. So I’m gonna keep tweeting about them.” (SOHH)

Glasses Malone felt he was going to ride out with his hometown Los Angeles Lakers all the way.

“We looking good man,” Glasses told SOHH about his Laker team. “Win, lose or draw, when it comes to those Finals man, somebody’s gotta beat those seven games. It’s gonna be hard. The only team I’m seeing as being a big, big problem for us is Boston. I think if Boston comes out, that’s gonna be a problem. It’s gonna be hard to beat them in seven games over there because they’ve already been in that situation. I think we good on the West.” (SOHH)

Styles was torn between the Celtics and Cavaliers play-off series, but sided with Boston as his favorite to win.

“I like the Celtics more but the Cavaliers might win, I hope the Celtics hold it down,” Styles P told SOHH. “The Celtics’ Rasheed Wallace is my homie, KG is my homie, they’re both personal friends of mine, so, I’m personally moved to [root for] them. But that LeBron is a bad man. This year, this play-offs feels like the title is up for grabs.” (SOHH)

Check out some footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers & Boston Celtics play-off game.

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