Chad Ochocinco Vows To Destroy Joe Budden, Challenges Wale To Rap Battle

Chad Ochocinco Vows To Destroy Joe Budden, Challenges Wale To Rap Battle

Unsigned NFL star Chad Ochocinco has issued an open challenge to Maybach Music Group’s Wale and promised to take down Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden in a rap battle this Christmas Eve.

Chad hopped onto his Twitter page and sent out a few shots at the hip-hop stars.

“@Wale After I battle and destroy @joebudden you can be my next victim, remember what I did to @meekmill #Bars,” Chad tweeted on Christmas Eve. (Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter)

Joe Budden spoke up after getting name-dropped and took Ocho up on the challenge.

“@ochocinco @Wale @MeekMill u need to be tested for drugs bro. Lol,” he tweeted.

“@ochocinco I got 10 bars ready now !”

“@ochocinco lol… & I don’t write on holidays, so we’ll pick this up on Wednesday !” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Last April, Chad publicly went after Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill.

Twitter can have people say the most random things on a timeline, but a rap-off between Meek Mill and Ochochinco? That’s unexpected. Patriots wide-receiver Chad Ochocinco challenged Meek, who is revered in the streets for his ‘straight off the dome’ capabilities, to a rap battle via Twitter yesterday. The initial tweet read: “@MeekMill When you get some time I want to battle..I paved the way for most rappers by switching to sports.” No doubt Ochocinco is a stellar athlete, but who knew that he had some dope bars in him too. (Global Grind)

A few months later, Ochocinco exchanged some heated disses with rapper Game.

“Oh sh*t i’m gone f*ck u up RT @thegame: RT @ochocinco: @thegame line up… I’m taking all fades.. – you wanna end up inna bush too lil n*gga,” he tweeted July 15th.

“@thegame I’m in LA… No need to keep talking over twitter… bring ya homies and ya camera crew and line it up…”

“I been fighting all my life Color Purple style, i’d win easy RT @youngmandela: Who y’all got winnin if @thegame and @ochocinco square up?!”

“I’m out here… fading all ya homies Turn Up RT @YG: @ochocinco don’t need that issue , PULL UP N*GGA !” (Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter)

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