Cee-Lo Puts Off 50 Cent “F*ck You” Collaboration

Cee-Lo Puts Off 50 Cent “F*ck You” Collaboration

Goodie Mob‘s Cee-Lo Green has confirmed recent reports of getting an official “F*ck You” remix with 50 Cent put into works but said he is primarily concerned with lifting the record off the ground.

Although he is set to link with 50, Cee believes the first priority is pushing for his single to get placement on the radio.

“We talked on the phone the other day,” Cee said about 50. “I thought it was cool that he got on the record, just confirmation that the record was going places. It was something that he just took the liberty of doing and then we talked about making it an official remix. It’s like, ‘Of course why not?’ People love that version as well, so we’ll try to get together and really make it official but I think first thing’s first we have to get it at radio and see how we succeed there and then the campaign will sort of grow organically.” (VIBE)

Earlier in the week, 50 tweeted about getting involved in a “F*ck You” remix music video.

“Yo yall heard da sh*t I did with ceelo its hot I spoke to him yesterday he told me he loved itAnd we made it official. Video coming soon,” he tweeted Thursday (August 26) night. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Upon initially hearing 50’s remix, Cee said he was flattered by the rapper’s gesture to amp up the track.

With “F— You” continuing to gain speed online, Cee Lo and his team are scrambling to keep up. The dancing-words clip that’s racked up 1.7 million YouTube plays so far is just a place-holder, he says; a proper video is coming soon, but the singer coyly refuses to divulge any details about it. He’s also recorded a profanity-free radio edit to help the song’s chances of getting on the air. “It’s called ‘Forget You,'” he says. “It’s pretty close to the original, but not as effective. But it’s politically correct.” And while he had no part in creating 50 Cent’s witty remix, Cee Lo is a fan. “It was flattering that he would take the liberty of joining in so quickly,” he says. “I thought it was really cool.” (Entertainment Weekly)

50’s freestyle hit the Internet last weekend.

A few days after Cee-Lo heated up the Internet with the release of his new single”F**k You,” rapper 50 Cent puts his own spin on the feel-good jam. Though the remix leaves most of the original intact, Fifty adds a female-targeting verse at the beginning of the track, throwing in a few jabs at jealous dudes who act salty about him swimming in women. (Rap-Up)

Check out the “F*ck You” remix below:

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