Cassie Soaks In Tub For Puffy, Diddy Says “Be Home Soon Baby”

Cassie Soaks In Tub For Puffy, Diddy Says “Be Home Soon Baby”

The steamy romance between Cassie and Diddy may have hit an all-time high, with the R&B diva showing off a steamy bathtub photo and asking her Bad Boy Records boss to “hurry home.”

The alleged couple’s steamy exchange heated up the Internet early Saturday (October 13).

Plenty of people have speculated that Diddy and Cassie are a “thing” for some time now, but if you’ve totally missed the obvious, the singer-slash-model took to Instagram to beckon her Bad Boy home and reconfirm what we already knew. “Just what I needed… #latenightbubblebath,” she wrote. “Wish you were here… I miss you… Hurry home.” It didn’t take long for the mogul to regram her photo saying, “Be home soon baby.” It looks like the arguably odd couple are holding anything back these days. While they’re happy, several fans are making a fuss since Mr. Take That is 16 years Cassie’s senior. Nonetheless, they seem very happy together. (VIBE Vixen)

A few days ago, reports claimed the alleged couple may have gotten engaged.

DIDDY AND CASSIE ENGAGED? Apparently, Diddy’s ex dropped the dime and said that Diddy is engaged to Cassie! Congrats! Cassie hung in there and got her guy. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Prior to the engagement rumor, new details on their relationship came to light.

September 24, 2012: R&B singer Cassie has been through A LOT in the last 5 years with her on-again off-again BF Diddy . . . but she’s now got him to take a step that FEW WOMEN EVER HAVE . . . he’s now calling Cassie his “girlfriend.” Cassie now ebters an ELITE group of women . . . while Diddy has dated THOUSANDS of women – only Kim Porter, Misa Hylton and Jennifer Lopez made it to “girlfriend” status. Congrats Cass . . . (Media Take Out)

In early September, Cassie went off on a Twitter user for taunting her connection to Puffy.

“shut the fuuuuu*k up. U just took 5 minutes to think about & write that. Sit down. Thank you. You are muted. #notinthemoodtoday @xHarajukux: Poor @cassiesuper thinking the blogs or anybody for that matter cares that much about her outside of the weirdo f*cking her old a** boss.,” she tweeted on Labor Day.

“Done now. Thank you for listening. Spa day before work this week. Yes, a b*tch has a job” (Cassie’s Twitter)

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