Cassidy’s Philly Crew Address Meek Mill’s Diss: “He’s Outta Pocket For That One. Wrong Move”

Cassidy’s Philly Crew Address Meek Mill’s Diss: “He’s Outta Pocket For That One. Wrong Move”

Philadelphia-based rap crew Larsiny Family Entertainment’s Cal Akbar and Shiz Lansky have stepped up to speak out on hometown rapper Meek Mill going after estranged associate Cassidy on the new “Repo” diss record.

Rather than sugarcoat the feud, Akbar plainly expressed his issues with Meek.

“Somebody better tell the kid (Meek Mill) not to mention the Larsiny name,” Cal Akbar said in an interview. “I heard the diss track and he is outta pocket for that one. Wrong move.” (AHH)

Despite name-dropping Larsiny Family in the track, group member Shiz Lansky said it will take a bit more to get him to lash out at the Maybach Music Group rapper.

“It’s been nothing but respect and love over the years. With that said, Meek would have to mention me directly for me to even consider a response,” Shiz said. “The diss was a Meek Mill record. I’m not a fan of his music, but I did purchase his album to support though. The foundation we laid gave these other artist something to stand on. We (Larsiny, State Prop, Major Figgaz, and etc) presented Philly to the world. That can’t be denied by Meek or anyone else. Period!” (AHH)

On Meek’s “Repo” anthem, he takes a shot at the Larsiny crew by calling them trash.

“What you made this year, what you worth n*gga,” Meek continues. “I dropped Dreams & Nightmares, I made ‘Church’ n*gga, I did ‘I’ma Boss,’ young’n set the summer off/Now these old n*ggas mad at me ’cause they fallin’ off/Get your hate on, Cass, and we ain’t talkin’ Larceny ’cause they all trash/Your goons ain’t riding with you ’cause they all mad/You ain’t never put no food up on AR Ave/My dog caught a body for you, d*mn, he ain’t eatin’ from it/Now you mad at Swizz ’cause you can’t get a beat from him/Once my n*ggas come at you dog, we gonna keep coming/Weird ol’ Forrest Gump a** n*gga, better keep running.” (“Repo”)

According to reports, Cass severed his ties with Larsiny around 2008-2009.

Philly rapper Cassidy has been known to proclaim, ‘Throw your L’s in the sky’, representing his own group known as Larsiny Family. Members of the group were also featured on the last album from “The Problem”, B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story. Cassidy must now formerly be a member as Akbar, who has been featured on tracks with the rapper, is showcased via video with a group of affiliates all expressing some sort of hate towards “the Hustler.” Feeling like some type of mutiny, it seems that the crew has taken the throne from underneath Cassidy. (HHW)

Check out “Repo”:

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