Cassidy’s Got Nothing But Brotherly Love For Meek Mill: “Hopefully, You’ll Hear Even More Music From Us”

Cassidy’s Got Nothing But Brotherly Love For Meek Mill: “Hopefully, You’ll Hear Even More Music From Us”

With their recent war of words finally fizzed out, Philadelphia rapper Cassidy spoke to SOHH about having nothing but brotherly love for fellow hometown hero Meek Mill.

Cass said his relationship with Meek dates back to his pre-fame days and current Maybach Music Group success.

“I put out a record with Meek [Mill] called “It’s Me Again.” You can pull it up right now. It’s me and the kid C. Grand from Philly,” Cass told SOHH. “It’s just me, him and Meek on the record. I just put it out. We put a lot of records out back in the day, like, a few years ago. Me and Meek were doing a lot of records. I was on a lot of his mixtapes and remixes and things like that. But hopefully, you’ll hear even more music from us. I’m really open right now.” (SOHH)

He also discussed his aim to continue making music alongside notable hip-hop newcomers.

“I’m willing to work with anybody that got a huge fan base, because I feel like I can gain more fans from doing a song with that person. I feel as though I’m so creative that I can make a hit record with anybody. But I do like a lot of music that I hear and I like a lot of things other artists bring to the table so I am willing to work with them.” (SOHH)

Around mid-July, Cass addressed his brief war of words with Meek.

“I mean, me and Meek Mill have been messing with each other for years. But when you on one side of the world, somebody else somewhere else, you got a bunch of people in the middle, it could cause problems. People could be in your ear, make you feel a wrong way or different things and all that. That’s how it all got twisted up, from me re-tweeting something, it did get a little twisted. But we from the same city, we’ve got a crazy history, you could go on YouTube or pull up a bunch of songs we did, a bunch of videos of us together plus I’m happy he’s doing his thing because we from the same city and it’s good for my city. You know how people wanna see drama, man. They wanna see people going at it, beefing, fighting. It’s entertainment. I got access to him, I texted him, hit his phone, we talked about it, got to the bottom of it and it’s over.” (BET)

Reports of the heated Twitter feud landed online days prior.

Uh oh. Looks like Meek Mill is getting himself into another beef. This time with fellow Philadelphia rapper and one time friend, Cassidy. Last night Cassidy retweeted some things fans were saying to him in regards to Meek Mill not collaborating with him since signing with MMG and blowing up. Some of the things Cassidy retweeted came off disrespectful toward Meek Mill and MMG. When Meek Mill got wind of what Cassidy was retweeting, he obviously felt disrespected in some way because he responded directly to Cassidy via Twitter, telling Cassidy to say what he needs to say to his face and to stop hating. (Rap Dose)

Check out a recent Cassidy interview below:

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