Cassidy Wants 50 & Game To Make Up, “[It’d Be] Similar To Cam’ron & Jim Jones”

Cassidy Wants 50 & Game To Make Up, “[It’d Be] Similar To Cam’ron & Jim Jones”

With Game extending an olive branch to 50 Cent in hopes of rejoining alliances, SOHH reached out to Cassidy, who shares relationships with both artists, to get his take on the peace offering.

Using himself as an example, Cass said past conflicts toward G-Unit were recently squashed when he got a chance to meet 50’s crew in-person.

“At first I had a relationship with Game and I didn’t have a relationship with the rest of the G-Unit guys, but since then, I got a chance to meet 50 and punch it up with him,” Cassidy told SOHH. “I got a chance to meet Lloyd Banks, punch it up with him and [Tony] Yayo, and Young Buck. I got a chance to punch it up with 50 and realized we’re similar. We got a lot in common. His birthday is actually July 6th and mine is July 7th, and a lot of the ways he sees the industry, I see the industry. We were talking about the business and the things we’re trying to incorporate into our squads and teams. There’s a bunch of similarities. Also, he doesn’t care how big you are, if you’re the biggest man or smallest man in the world, he’s still gonna say what’s on his mind and what he feels. He has a similar mentality to me. When I got a chance to meet up with him, I realized he wasn’t the type of person people tried to paint him to be. You can’t judge a person by other people’s ideas, you gotta judge them by how they are around you.” (SOHH)

Although Cass admits a reunion may be a stretch for the two, the Philly rapper said he would hope 50 and Game could at least collaborate on future music.

“At the end of the day, 50 is a good dude and Game is a good dude and the reasons why they’re beefing and going through what they’re going through, I’m not sure about all the reasons for why they’re beefing, but it would be a good thing,” Cass added about a G-Unit reunion. “It would be a good thing if they could patch up their relationship, similar to Cam’ron and Jim Jones. You know, they could get back to making good music because they was good with each other. They were beneficial to each other and they sounded good together and it would be great if they could work together again. Even if Game doesn’t become G-Unit again, it would be good to hear them on the record together and putting that negativity behind them.” (SOHH)

Last week, Banks said he didn’t feel Game’s reunion pleas were genuine.

“I always catch wind of what’s going on and somebody brought my attention to it, I saw it on Twitter but I don’t really got too much negative to say about the situation because I’ve dedicated so much time to myself, to get somebody else attention due to negativity but what I can say is we did that dance already,” Banks said in an interview with radio host Suava. “We did that dance where we formed the group G-Unit to establish ourselves as solo artists and I think it’s time for us to pay 50 [Cent] back. It’s reverse now. I’m out here trying to better myself as an individual so that when we do form the monster known as the group G-Unit, it’ll be that much easier on us. So, if anything, that situation would be going backwards. It’s too late to cry over spilled milk. I would be interested to see if those same attempts to reach out to 50 Cent would be happening if he had a number one record on the radio.” (Hot 105.5)

Despite Banks’ remarks, Game still said he was down to link with G-Unit again.

“G-unit reunion might not EVER HAPPEN but NOBODY will EVER be able 2 say “GAME” didnt MAN UP when he had 2 & GO HARD when it was MY TIME !!! I KILLED A BRAND, A CLOTHING LINE & WENT AGAINST MY OWN RECORD LABEL & STILL WENT 5 TIMES PLATINUM !!! More FAMILY orientated now…. Got awoman, 3 beautiful kids… couple houses.. drove EVERY car & been around the world 5 times…”NOT BAD FOR A COMPTON N*GGA” & #ONMYMAMA G-UNIT will NEVER be the same unless its: @50cent @thegame @tonyyayo @youngbuckmarley & @lloydbanks ! #evenCurtisKNOWdat. & you can “RUN & TELL THAT, HOMEBOY & we’ll see who’s WHO & what’s WHAT after the R.E.D. album drop.” (Rap Radar)

Game was kicked out of G-Unit in March 2005 due to differences with 50 Cent.

Check out Game & 50 Cent’s “Hate It Or Love It” below:

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