Cassidy Undresses Amber Rose Dating Rumors, “She Probably Got A Situation With Kanye” [Video]

Cassidy Undresses Amber Rose Dating Rumors, “She Probably Got A Situation With Kanye” [Video]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has addressed past rumors of being sexually involved with model Amber Rose while she was dating fellow emcee Kanye West.

According to Cass, the media over-hyped their situation and mistook his “Ego” remix track saying he was going at Ye.

“Nah, that’s my homie, you know what I’m saying,” Cassidy explained in an interview referring to Amber Rose. “She’s from Philly, we knew each other back in the day, actually, when I seen her she was bringing up things in the past that I forgot about because she probably looked a little bit different and things like that. We was at a softball game together, people might have seen that and took it to the next level and said I was smashing her. Like, I got a family, I got a situation, she probably got a situation with Kanye. Kanye was showing me love since the beginning of my career.” (This Is 50)

On the “Ego” remix, Cass was speculated as speaking on Rose and West.

“I’m an MC yo, slash, CEO, I drop Hip Hop Weekly, I’m The Source, ask Zino,” Cassidy raps on the ‘Ego’ remix. “Eh yo, I f*cked your girl on the d-lo, ’cause I’m that n*gga and I got a bigger ego…I took her from you like D-Bo. ” (“Ego” Remix)

Rose also addressed the situation via Twitter last year.

West began dating Rose earlier this year (09), but rumours surfaced last week (May 22) alleging the couple had split after the busty blonde was linked to the Hotel star. Rose is furious with the claims and has taken to her page to clear up the Cassidy reports – although she stops short of addressing the state of her romance with West. She writes, “I do NOT know Cassidy personally, I met him for the first and only time at a charity softball game. THAT’S IT! These blogs r ridiculous!” (Contact Music)

Aside from rumors, Cass is working on putting his own artists into the rap spotlight.

“Me and Swizz started Full Surface [Records] together, that’s my family,” Cass said in an interview. “That’s why we got a song out right now, we do music together. But I’m just a grown man now, I’ve been in this industry for over a decade so I’m just matured now, got my own production company, trying to put my artists on, giving another opportunity to get money. The same way Swizz started Full Surface even though he was with Ruff Ryders. Similar situation. I still got love, we still communicate, we still talk, we still do music together.” (Hood Promo)

Check out Cassidy’s interview below:

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