Cassidy Spares Meek Mill’s Career: “If I Was Him, I Would Have Backed Out, Too” [Video]

Cassidy Spares Meek Mill’s Career: “If I Was Him, I Would Have Backed Out, Too” [Video]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy recently spoke on his short-lived Twitter feud with former comrade Meek Mill and why the Maybach Music Group artist made a smart decision by falling back on a potential full-fledged battle.

Cass said despite their viral war of words, he did not feel the need to drop an atom bomb-like diss on Meek’s head.

“I didn’t feel as though enough was done for him to deserve a diss record yet. He’s going to really have to get out-of-pocket, put me in a song or say something crazy to get a diss record.” Warned Cassidy, “I would advise him not to do it, because if he jumps in the ring with me, it’s going to be problems. He knows what I’m capable of, and he knows how I get it in, so I don’t blame him for backing out. If I was him, I would have backed out, too.” (AHH)

Last week, Cass denied his new “Diary of a Hustla” track is aimed at Meek.

“That’s because it wasn’t a diss record,” Cass said when asked why he did not go harder on Meek with “Diary of a Hustla.” “I just put it out a couple hours after we went through that Twitter situation so everybody called it a Meek diss but it wasn’t. It was just a record I just put out to give the streets some bars. If I do a diss record, it’s going to be on the ‘Ether’ level if not worse. It’s gonna be direct, you gonna know it’s a diss record, you gonna know who I’m talking about. That was a little record I threw out there for the streets to keep them fed.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

He also explained why Meek is ultimately responsible for making him respond.

“I was in the studio the other day and I found out he’s talking crazy on Twitter — I’m thinking like, ‘Wow.’ Years and years ago, when he was in middle school, I had plaques on my wall. I got platinum singles everybody got their own opinion, it’s cool, he’s got his little wave right now, to a certain extent but I been did that. I been laid that groundwork for my city.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Although Mill did not address him direclty, he reportedly laughed off Cass’ track.

“That had 2 b a warm up! Lol,” Meek tweeted November 15th. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

“@MeekMill I f*ck with you on some real sh*t, but Cassidy went in on that diss “Diary Of A Hustla”.,” Twitter user @SamDhaillest tweeted in response to Meek.

“RT @MeekMill That had 2 b a warm up! Lol — what u got then??? We waiting for the response homes,” Twitter user @DJCrazyC tweeted in response to Meek.

Check out Cassidy’s interview:

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