Cassidy Says He’s Got Meek Mill’s Knockout Punch Waiting: “I Don’t Plan On Losing” [Audio]

Cassidy Says He’s Got Meek Mill’s Knockout Punch Waiting: “I Don’t Plan On Losing” [Audio]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has no plans of slowing down his anti-Meek Mill campaign, revealing a handful of co-signs he has received since engaging in their current war of words.

Focusing first on his new “Raid” diss, Cass made no apologies for dropping the ten minute long anthem over the weekend.

“That’s what I do. I rhyme. I got bars so I can go as long as I wanted to. It’s not like I planned for it to be exactly ten minutes. I just planned to go in and get a lot of things off my chest so it turned out to be that amount of time,” Cass said in an interview. “My core audience and people that love hip-hop love when I go in like that. They don’t want me to tease them with it. They want me to go in.” (Hot 107.9)

The Philly rap veteran also said he has received major props since sparring with Meek.

“I’ve been in over 5,000 battles and I’ve never lost. I don’t plan on losing. If you know that information, you should know not to play around with a dude like me,” he added. “I’m confident in myself and he should be confident in himself. I mean, not against me. Comparing himself with me, he definitely shouldn’t be confident. But he should be confident in himself. So this is just bringing excitement back in the game. I know rappers that’s out with hit songs right now calling me up saying they ain’t been this excited in years. So it’s good for Hip Hop and I just want to keep it like that.” (Hot 107.9)

Over the weekend, Meek downplayed the new “Raid” diss track.

“10mins of fiction ….. And a old a** flow that nobody will never play in a car! #yadone atleast ya got back on da radio #saythanks”

“In about 50days everyone will forget about ya again …. And we still gone b balling! #rememberthistweet lol”

“Made n*ggas sit up 2 12:00am for that bullsh*t…. People gotta go 2 work and church tomar!”

“Y’all serious? Or y’all just want a n*gga 2 drop some new sh*t?,” Meek tweeted January 6th.

“This how u can tell weirdos making a big impact in the world right now!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Along with Meek, Cass takes a swipe at Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross‘ past employment as a corrections officer on the diss.

“You was a f*cking bum, you couldn’t even get your braids f*cking done/It looked like you was growing dreads/And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow/But in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O./I’m the illest M.C. yo/Why you wanna try me? Man I’m the S.H.*.T/You n*ggas shook up like Ali/I spit cook up, you don’t wanna be hooked up to an I.V./You would rather eat a whole bowl full of dog sh*t/And drink a cup full of hog spit before you try me/R.I.P. see the mortician/Boy, I ain’t doin no more twittin’, get your door kicked in” (“Raid”)

Check out Cassidy’s interview:

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