Cassidy Rises From The Shadows, Dismantles Ex-Associate’s Meek Mill Comments

Cassidy Rises From The Shadows, Dismantles Ex-Associate’s Meek Mill Comments

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has stepped up following comments from one-time associate Ar-Ab who has publicly taken credit for biting the bullet in a murder case for him and discussed the current Meek Mill feud.

Rather than lash out directly at Ab, Cass promised the truth would eventually come out.

“Believe half of wht U C & none of wht U hear! If GOD is 4 me, who can B against me? My video is coming to let the people know the truth!,” he tweeted January 2nd. (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Recently, Ab publicly spoke out about taking the fall for Cass in a high-profile murder case in the mid-2000’s.

“I don’t have no problem with Cass either. I just got off the phone with Cass. You know what I’m saying? Cass asked me to get involved in that actually. I told Cass, ‘I fought a homicide for you and I ain’t get sh*t from it.’ Like plain and simple, I’m broke. I came home broke. Two years, Cass never sent me a dollar. You feel what I’m saying? For the whole body, he never did gave me sh*t. Meek was telling the truth. So it’s like ‘God d*mn, why should I jump out the window and go at Meek Mill when he a real n*gga? He got some real n*ggas around him.'” (YouTube)

Recently, Meek allegedly posted a photo of himself alongside Cass’ mother in light of their feud.

Anyway, Meek Mill may be taking things to another level on these social networks. The other day he posted a picture of himself and Cassidy’s mother! First of all, shouldn’t she be watching Oprah or something? Or maybe knitting? I guess not. Now, I am going to assume that this is an old pic that Meek dug up to get under Cass’ skin but you never know! Even if it IS old, I think its a bad karma move to start putting parents and kids in the beef under any circumstances. (AHH Rumors)

Just last week, he put out the hard-hitting “Repo” diss track aimed at the Philly emcee.

“What you made this year, what you worth n*gga,” Meek continues. “I dropped Dreams & Nightmares, I made ‘Church’ n*gga, I did ‘I’ma Boss,’ young’n set the summer off/Now these old n*ggas mad at me ’cause they fallin’ off/Get your hate on, Cass, and we ain’t talkin’ Larceny ’cause they all trash/Your goons ain’t riding with you ’cause they all mad/You ain’t never put no food up on AR Ave/My dog caught a body for you, d*mn, he ain’t eatin’ from it/Now you mad at Swizz ’cause you can’t get a beat from him/Once my n*ggas come at you dog, we gonna keep coming/Weird ol’ Forrest Gump a** n*gga, better keep running.” (“Repo”)

Check out Ar-Ab speaking on Meek Mill/Cassidy:

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