Cassidy Responds To Meek Mill & Says He’s In Trouble: “I Wasn’t Even Worried About That Monkey Face N*gga”

Cassidy Responds To Meek Mill & Says He’s In Trouble: “I Wasn’t Even Worried About That Monkey Face N*gga”

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has responded to Meek Mill in light of being used as a punching bag on the new “Kendrick You Next” track and hinted at some retaliation coming soon.

Nearly a day after Meek unleashed his record, Cass has resorted to Twitter with a reaction.

“I ain’t gone lie, that sh*t was weak! I wasn’t even worried about that monkey face n*gga, he should of left it alone! That n*gga in trouble,” Cass tweeted September 6. (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Off his upcoming Dreamchasers 3 mixtape project, the new five-minute track features Meek rapping over an assortment of battle instrumentals and targeting Cass.

Meek Mill has released a diss record toward fellow Philadelphia rapper Cassidy called “Kendrick You Next.” The five-minute diss track finds Meek rapping over a number of classic instrumentals and aiming shots at Cassidy, who he’s traded bars with in the past. Over the “Who Shot Ya?” instrumental Meek raps, “Cassidy, boy you’re so trash to me/Do the math, I dissed you, that’s subtracting me/You ain’t poppin’/What the fuck could you add to me?” The title of the record is in reference to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, where the Compton MC name checks Meek along with a number of other rappers. After releasing his new song “I B On That” yesterday featuring Nicki Minaj, French Montana and Fabolous, Meek Mill went on Twitter and said, “Ima catch Kendrick on da intro I ain’t forget! Lol.” That specific record will be included on Meek’s upcoming mixtape Dreamchasers 3, which will be released September 29. (Complex)

Last month, Meek Mill said he did not take offense to being name-dropped with rapper Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” verse.

“It definitely wasn’t insulting,” Meek said. “Kendrick Lamar, I don’t think he was trying to insult any of us, you know. We all know each other personally. There were a lot of names that weren’t mentioned … It was a competition thing. I live for competition. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t want to lose in a game of nothing. I don’t want to lose in a game of tic-tac-toe. I’m not going to make a diss record for Kendrick Lamar. But if he wants to get competitive, we’re going to have some fun.” (Power 99)

A few weeks ago, Cassidy went at Meek with a response track to Lamar’s “Control” bars.

“Ain’t no rapper tough as me, that’s why they don’t f*ck with me,” Cass continues. “They can label this a diss when the song drop/’Cause I’m better than your favorite rapper by a long shot/You gonna have to bring the song back after the song stop and rewind all the punchlines that this song got/I paint pictures, no Photoshop/I’m not the King of New York but the King of New York know I’m hot/And no I’m not trying to be the king of Philly/But I been holding down my city/Just as Gillie, really/If any of you n*ggas act silly, I’ll be happy to compete/You seen what happen to Meek/I’m not rapping to get back in the booth/I’m just rapping to be competitive” (“Control” Freestyle)

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Check out Meek Mill’s “Kendrick You Next” track:

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