Cassidy Pours ‘Raid’ All Over Meek Mill: “In Jail Was The Only Time I Hung Around A C.O.” [Audio]

Cassidy Pours ‘Raid’ All Over Meek Mill: “In Jail Was The Only Time I Hung Around A C.O.” [Audio]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy is not done addressing his problems with former comrade Meek Mill and released a new diss record called “Raid” directly at the Maybach Music Group protégé.

Before going into his own bars, Cass plays audio of Meek bigging him up and boasting about the “Hustla’s” untouched battle skills.

“Everybody know Cassidy does what he do man, know what I’m saying. It ain’t easy to get around them punchlines he gon’ bring to you in a battle. I don’t care what you say, how it sound back then or, you ain’t getting around that in no battle. It ain’t easy, you know what I’m saying? That boy, that’s what he do professionally, he been doing it. I seen Cassidy been in probably more than five-thousand battles, you know, and I don’t think he had one L. And I don’t think a new guy is gonna step up and give him the L that easily.” (“Raid”)

Cass uses MMG leader Rick Ross‘ previous stint as a corrections officer to taunt Meek on the new record.

“You was a f*cking bum, you couldn’t even get your braids f*cking done/It looked like you was growing dreads/And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow/But in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O./I’m the illest M.C. yo/Why you wanna try me? Man I’m the S.H.*.T/You n*ggas shook up like Ali/I spit cook up, you don’t wanna be hooked up to an I.V./You would rather eat a whole bowl full of dog sh*t/And drink a cup full of hog spit before you try me/R.I.P. see the mortician/Boy, I ain’t doin no more twittin’, get your door kicked in” (“Raid”)

The Philly emcee warned fans about his lyrical wrath diss track Saturday (January 5) evening.

“It’s abt 2 get ugly on the streets! The wait is over! ???? 2nite 11:59pm.. The Extermination is abt 2 happen!!! Lol,” Cass tweeted January 5th. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Along with his “Repo” diss, Meek reportedly posted a photo of himself and Cass’ mom onto Instagram last month.

Anyway, Meek Mill may be taking things to another level on these social networks. The other day he posted a picture of himself and Cassidy’s mother! First of all, shouldn’t she be watching Oprah or something? Or maybe knitting? I guess not. Now, I am going to assume that this is an old pic that Meek dug up to get under Cass’ skin but you never know! Even if it IS old, I think its a bad karma move to start putting parents and kids in the beef under any circumstances. (AHH Rumors)

Check out “Raid”:

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