Cassidy Pictures Game & Styles P Exchanging Verbal Jabs, “It Would Be A Good Battle W/ Two Hard Dudes”

Cassidy Pictures Game & Styles P Exchanging Verbal Jabs, “It Would Be A Good Battle W/ Two Hard Dudes”

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy recently talked about battle raps and why he would not mind seeing Game and Styles P accept a microphone challenge.

Referencing his new “Face to Face” record which features Cass imagining numerous artists he would like to see battle each other, the rapper focused on his reference to Game and Styles.

“Every time I made a comparison it wasn’t to compare people that had the same type a style, it’s just battles that I feel as though would be good. It’s like Styles is a East Coast rapper but he was always considered to be hard… I was signed to Ruff Ryders like first and foremost, like that’s my team, so I know how he get it in and the type of dude he is. And he’s supposed to go hard, like with his lyrics he always go hard. You know what I’m sayin’, and as far as the West Coast was concerned Game was a dude that was goin’ hard, playin the gangsta role, the goon role, you know what I’m sayin’, he’s supposed to get busy. He might not have a similar style to Styles, but I just figured it would be a good battle with two hard dudes tryin’ to go at it just to see who’s really the hardest.” (“Face 2 Face”)

Last June, Eminem, who grew up battling rappers, gave some tips on how to win a mic challenge.

“I came up on the local Detroit scene and everything was about battling,” Em said in an interview. “If you wanted to make a name for yourself, the battle scene was so huge, it was battles every couple months where anybody who was anybody trying to make a name for themselves would come out. I think one of my greatest inspirations or things that I would feed off of was people not believing, the cloud of doubt I felt hanging over my head and I just wanted to prove everybody wrong. I wanted to make it and I was gonna make it regardless of what anybody said. I’m looking for somebody, one to stand out to be unique and also say the sickest, most ridiculous retarded sh*t you can say and think of that would make somebody quit. Emcees have competitive spirits, that’s why we’re in it and we do what we do. I would have written lines, I would have punchlines, that I would be prepared to say at anytime to kinda figure out on the spot what punchlines I would pick and choose for this person that was in my face but also be able to mix in freestyle with it. That would be the basic formula that I would follow, have my punchlines ready to go but also be able to say something spontaneous too.” (Real Talk NY)

Last year, rapper Asher Roth revealed his inability to battle other artists.

“I’m not a battle emcee,” Roth revealed. “I don’t like using my powers to tell people they suck. I’d rather just rap about what’s going on in my head. As far as content and substance, I don’t think [I’m like Eminem], but you never really know…I’m just happy I’ve been given a platform. Being white spawns [comparisons] right off the bat, but I think time is on my side, and people will see that there’s something really here.” (New York Post)

Popular battle rapper Jadakiss previously shared some insight on going after artists on diss records.

“You need the people on your side if you’re feuding with any artist or anybody,” Kiss explained. “If the people believe in you and they behind you, you’ll be able to have a good come out in the end, like the results will be all right. And then, these rap feuds be really frivolous like you know what I mean, they don’t be like, it’s not really over money or it’s not over somebody violating somebody’s family. I mean now they gettin’ to that with this whole Internet thing you know what I mean.” (Hard Knock TV)

Check out Cassidy’s “Face 2 Face” below:

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