Cassidy Ignores Meek Mill’s Diss, Stands Behind PSY Parody

Cassidy Ignores Meek Mill’s Diss, Stands Behind PSY Parody

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy is not letting some public disses from rap foe Meek Mill let him down and is standing fully behind his new PSY parody, “Condom Style.”

Cass boasted about the song’s instant popularity and safe sex awareness message on Monday (December 17).

“If “Condom Style” made at lease 1 man strap up, & potentially saved at lease 1 person from getting a STD.. The song served its purpose!!!,” he tweeted December 17th.

“It’s was nevr a song that everybody in the world liked! But “CondomStyle” is on ovr 400,000 sites! & has ovr 300,000 views on YouTube alrdy!” (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, Meek hopped on his Instagram page and proceeded to blast Cass’ new track.

Meek Mill talks that talk and today his Instagram did the communicating for him. Many questioned the decision of Philadelphia rapper Cassidy’s decision to lay verse to the instrumentals of Psy’s”Gangnam Style.” Earlier today Meek did more than question, he straight up slammed Cass’ latest drop. Below was what the MMG rapper posted on his Instagram, receiving over 15,700 likes. “Go 2 this is the worst song in the history of rapping….this gotta b a joke! Google #condomstyle” (Complex)

The new message-driven record poked up online heading into the weekend.

Cassidy promotes safe sex in “Condom Style,” a new track that samples the PSY hit “Gangnum Style.” “Going raw is out of the question,” the Philly says in his public service announcement, and changes the catchy “Oppan Gangnam Style” refrain to “Stroke ‘em condom style.” The play on words is pretty funny. Cassidy da Hustla gives more than one reason to strap on a magnum. “I don’t care if she says ‘I’m not infected,’ ’cause I don’t want to hear her say that you got me pregnant.” (VIBE)

Prior to the song’s release, both Cass and Mill went at each other’s necks.

“That’s over with. I said I wanted to get it popping and battle, you know, he ain’t respond, he don’t want to do it. So I ain’t gonna keep dwelling over that. It’d be good for hip-hop. It’d be good for everything man. It’d bring some more excitement to the game. Not taking anything away from the dudes that’s rhyming right now, but it’d be beneficial. He don’t wanna do that, you know what I’m saying? You can’t force a man to do something he don’t wanna do so it is what it is. I want at least $100K, but I want to put most of it up for charity. I’ma put it in a lot of different areas.” (Sway’s Universe)

Check out “Condom Style”:

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