Cassidy Explains Swizz Beatz Break-Up, “He Didn’t Want Everybody To Know What We Was Going Through” [Video]

Cassidy Explains Swizz Beatz Break-Up, “He Didn’t Want Everybody To Know What We Was Going Through” [Video]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has come forward to clear up his alleged beef with producer Swizz Beatz after making headlines for publicly revealing their distanced relationship earlier this year.

Cassidy said he felt Beatz indirectly referenced him on Twitter numerous times.

“Before it got on every blog, right after I put it on there, he wrote some messages,” Cassidy explained in an interview. “Not even a direct message, he just responded and wrote me some messages back and I think he erased it not too long after that because he didn’t want everybody to know what we was going through.” (“The Joy Daily Show”)

Cass also said he wanted to start over with Swizzy and move beyond past issues.

“That’s not something I wanted the world to be involved in, what we was going through. I just wanted him to reach out to me because we made history together. He was a good support system. Even though I’m a stand up n*gga, it’d be easier to stand if you got the support from a dude like Swizz. So I just was trying to reach out to him, let the past be the past, start from scratch and move forward.” (“The Joy Daily Show”)

In May, Cass exposed their distanced relationship via Twitter.

“@THEREALSWIZZZ don’t even answer my calls anymore: we ain’t speak in over a year: i thought we was fam, but times change, Smh That why I changed.. Ain’t no love loss.. It is what it is..,” Cass tweeted May 25th.

“@THEREALSWIZZZ it’s never a war, I’m just speaking my mind.. How can we talk if you never pick up, You said you let me do my own thing ASAP, but what does that have to do wit communicating, since I’m doing my own thing you don’t talk to me anymore.. Thats crazy..”

“@THEREALSWIZZZ the only reason I’m on twitter is cause that’s the only way I can reach you.. RealRap.” (Cassidy’s Twitter)

Beatz is specifically known for lending support on Cass’ “Drink & My 2 Step” 2007 and guiding the rapper’s career around the early 2000’s.

The first MC of significance to be supported by Swizz Beatz’s J-affiliated Full Surface label, Cassidy is a fresh-faced Philadelphian who gained a lot of attention as a battle rapper — with a successful bout against Freeway as one of the first feathers in his cap. People who had been following him through several mixtape appearances were more than a little surprised by the angle taken on his first solo single, “Hotel.” (All Music)

Check out Cassidy’s interview below:

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