Cassidy Disses Meek Mill W/ Kendrick Lamar Response [Audio]

Cassidy Disses Meek Mill W/ Kendrick Lamar Response [Audio]

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy is the latest hip-hop artist to drop a response track to Kendrick Lamar in light of his must-hear lyrics off Big Sean‘s new “Control” record.

Cass resorts to freestyling over “Control” to deliver ample hard-hitting bars.

“You would think Big, Big Pun and Big L ghostwrite for me and I can box, you do not want to pick a fight with me,” Cass raps. “I’m not in the best shape that I would like to be/But I exercise everytime I lift my pipe to pee/I know you would like to see me battle whoever, that’s like getting Mayweather to go fight for free/That’s not happening, I would rather stop rapping/I flipped crack, now I spit crack, I ain’t stop trapping/I’d rather get my money upfront rather than the backend, I spit crazy, I’m Slim Shady with black skin/I got the battle and belt, the hardest battle I ever been in is when I battled myself — I got hyped when I heard that Kendrick Lamar rap/I’m in the booth with construction boots and a hard hat” (“Control” Freestyle)

He also uses the beat to tip his cap to the King of New York and throw a jab at rap foe Meek Mill.

“Ain’t no rapper tough as me, that’s why they don’t f*ck with me,” Cass continues. “They can label this a diss when the song drop/’Cause I’m better than your favorite rapper by a long shot/You gonna have to bring the song back after the song stop and rewind all the punchlines that this song got/I paint pictures, no Photoshop/I’m not the King of New York but the King of New York know I’m hot/And no I’m not trying to be the king of Philly/But I been holding down my city/Just as Gillie, really/If any of you n*ggas act silly, I’ll be happy to compete/You seen what happen to Meek/I’m not rapping to get back in the booth/I’m just rapping to be competitive” (“Control” Freestyle)

On the new “SLR 2″ anthem, Chicago’s Lupe Fiasco unloads on K-Dot’s head with some jabs.

“Took two sips of the Holy Grail then I backed up and I turned around and I bent over & pittoo’d sh*t/I love Jay, that’s my n*gga. I feel sicker than a cruise ship/I ain’t competition? I dont’ move sh*t? The only opposition’s this new sh*t/These new n*ggas rapping like they two/They acting like they you, man … Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead and that sh*t is insane/He’s so crazy, look at the little baby/N*gga you ain’t Nas, n*gga you ain’t Jay Z/You will respect me, you will reject me/But I’ve done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me” (“SLR 2″)

Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz struck first yesterday (August 13) with the release of “Outta Control.”

“I ain’t even gotta give this too much thought,” Joell raps. “Joell Oritz won every war that he ever fought/This ain’t no different, I’m listening, you know the King of New York?/Lil’ homie, you ain’t the King of New York, you the next thing on my fork/The messenger with all those rings on that horse/Carrying kings heads until I kick you in your chest and you cough/And fall into a bottomless pit, homie, you know how many bodies that fit/When we met you said, ‘It’s an honor, man, the Yaowa can spit.’ Maybe that’s why you left me outta that sh*t/Maybe that’s why the Slaughterhouse ain’t get dissed/Or maybe I’m not on your radar, you feel you ain’t got to acknowledge my clique” (“Outta Control”)

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Check out Cassidy’s “Control” freestyle:

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