Cassidy Clowns Meek Mill’s Overdue Diss: “That Raid Ate Yo Pride My N*gga”

Cassidy Clowns Meek Mill’s Overdue Diss: “That Raid Ate Yo Pride My N*gga”

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has taken a unique approach in answering one-time comrade Meek Mill‘s latest freestyle diss by letting his Twitter followers speak up for him.

Instead of lashing out at the Maybach Music Group star, Cass retweeted a handful of responses courtesy of his fans.

“RT @CHUBBYJAG Can u find meek n dis pile of roaches? S/o@cassidy_larsiny 4 dat R.A.I.D “Lol”,” Cass tweeted February 7th.

“RT @MrWilliamson199 @MeekMill just accept that U lost…it took a month 4 U 2 giv half a freestyle..Accept getting dub’d by@CASSIDY_LARSINY”

“RT @TBanks92 @CASSIDY_LARSINY how Week Mills gone write his FREEstyle abt U..that nigga a lame.can U show ths nigga how 2 freestyle?”

“RT @_HoeZay @MeekMill said the beef was over then he goes back on the radio and starts dissing @CASSIDY_LARSINY again, make up your mind”

“RT @NoticDaDon Everytime Q – Deezy Asked Meek A Question Dis Fag Starts Rapping abt CASSIDY I Use 2 Roc Wit Meek But He Playing Himself”

“RT @NoticDaDon @MeekMill Can’t Even Do An Interview Without Thinking About @CASSIDY_LARSINY LMAO That Raid Ate Yo Pride My Nigga #LMAO”

“RT @bbwfoxtrot09er meek mill is soo wack, y he tryna get at my dude @CASSIDY_LARSINY 1 month after cassidy killed h… (cont…)

“RT @BennyStackz_ y @meekmill wait lk 2 months 2 diss@cassidy_larsiny & try 2 say it’s a freestyle….. Ya boy was feeling sum type of way”

“RT @liltweezey @cassidy_larsiny that was a weak ass freestyle from@meekmill & ONLY his fans will think its tight. … (cont…” (Cassidy’s Twitter)

This week, Meek dropped his new freestyle which referenced Cass’ near-fatal 2006 car crash.

“First off nailed your chick, homie, get a blood test/You were upset homie, where the love at,” Meek freestyles. “When we’re talking about Philly, you know I can run that/Same place I been on corners, you can never come back … When you were screaming, ‘Come to my hotel,’ homie we were slinging work out the motel/No scale, I know you so well — Couldn’t be a hundred grand, small tab/This gonna make your dog mad/This verse gonna hit this n*gga harder than the car crash that you should have died in/Man, you survived it, now I came to murder you and have you scuba diving/Swimming with the fishes, all you n*ggas is b*tches.” (Hot 107.9)

A few weeks ago, Meek claimed Cass no longer had privileges to enter their city.

“He can’t come back to the city. Really. Last five times he been back to the city he was back here with me or either Ar-Ab,” Meek said in an interview. “He ain’t addressed everything Ar-Ab said in none of his raps because he won’t address it, he scared to address it. He won’t dare address that. And Ar-Ab ain’t saying nothing new he been saying sh*t like this. He only saying it because of the camera.” (Hip Hop Since 1987)

Prior to Mill’s comments, Cass boasted about his battle rap skills.

“I’ve been in over 5,000 battles and I’ve never lost. I don’t plan on losing. If you know that information, you should know not to play around with a dude like me,” he added. “I’m confident in myself and he should be confident in himself. I mean, not against me. Comparing himself with me, he definitely shouldn’t be confident. But he should be confident in himself. So this is just bringing excitement back in the game. I know rappers that’s out with hit songs right now calling me up saying they ain’t been this excited in years. So it’s good for Hip Hop and I just want to keep it like that.” (Hot 107.9)

Check out Meek Mill’s freestyle:

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