Cassidy Calls Meek Mill Shook On New Diss Record: “Homie Dies If This Battle Happen” [Audio]

Cassidy Calls Meek Mill Shook On New Diss Record: “Homie Dies If This Battle Happen” [Audio]

Months after engaging in a war of words with one-time pal Meek Mill, Philadelphia rapper Cassidy appears hungry for more with the release of his new “Dopest Out” track.

While Cass does not name-drop Meek, he offers plenty of references to the Maybach Music Group rapper.

“If they put me up in that ring (ring), put me up in that square (square)/ They gon’ put me up in that bing (bing), put me up in that chair (yeah)/ Homie dies if this battle happen, far as battle rapping I’m bonified/ Homes ain’t making it home alive, send him home to God it’s homicide/ It’s fear when you looking at homie’s eyes/ I scared the boy, he paranoid/ (Don’t spare the boy catch a body Cass!)/ Body bags I’mma bury boy/ Rest in peace to that dearly departed/ You beef with me then you clearly retarded/ I don’t see how they compare me to artists/ When lyrically them n*ggas seriously garbage/ He overrated I’m underrated, my son done made it/ One of the sperm out my c*m done made it/ Him and the other sperm in my c*m related/ You can go place to place, state to state, town to town/ I’m the best pound for pound/ And we can go round for round right now if y’all clowns is down” (“Dopest Out”)

The Philly rapper also connects his diss to Meek by referencing a previous $100,000 battle rap challenge in the third verse.

“While you was watching Nick at Nite I was pitchin’ getting that chicken right/ Flippin’ white I sold the coke/ I was throwin’ throwin’ yoke like it’s mischief night/ I be with b*tches the b*tches like/ And I be twistin’ that kryptonite/ I don’t hit the pipe but keep weed to twist/ The tree’s get lit like it’s Christmas night/ You might can rap but don’t risk your life/ I ain’t playing around with you/ If we get in the square I’mma end your career/ The most you would last is a round or two/ Cause lyrically you can’t compare to me/ But I ain’t battling voluntarily/ We could come to rap for that 100 stacks/ And then give some of that to charity/ You scared of me…” (“Dopest Out”)

Prior to downplaying it, Meek referenced the rapper in a New York live concert freestyle back in early April.

“I’m a sinner, and Cassidy don’t want to battle me, I ain’t no f*cking beginner,” Meek freestyled. “Let me stop coming at this n*gga/’Cause on stage or off stage…” (YouTube)

Back in February, Mill went at Cass’ head with a freestyle where he referenced his near-fatal 2006 car crash.

“First off nailed your chick, homie, get a blood test/You were upset homie, where the love at,” Meek freestyles. “When we’re talking about Philly, you know I can run that/Same place I been on corners, you can never come back … When you were screaming, ‘Come to my hotel,’ homie we were slinging work out the motel/No scale, I know you so well — Couldn’t be a hundred grand, small tab/This gonna make your dog mad/This verse gonna hit this n*gga harder than the car crash that you should have died in/Man, you survived it, now I came to murder you and have you scuba diving/Swimming with the fishes, all you n*ggas is b*tches.” (Hot 107.9)

A few weeks prior, Meek claimed Cass no longer had privileges to enter their city.

“He can’t come back to the city. Really. Last five times he been back to the city he was back here with me or either Ar-Ab,” Meek said in an interview. “He ain’t addressed everything Ar-Ab said in none of his raps because he won’t address it, he scared to address it. He won’t dare address that. And Ar-Ab ain’t saying nothing new he been saying sh*t like this. He only saying it because of the camera.” (Hip Hop Since 1987)

Check out Cassidy’s “Dopest Out” diss:

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